Palestinian who killed by throwing stones convicted of murder

The conviction of the Palestinian attacker who killed a Jewish father & infant son in 2011 has sparked calls for all who attack by throwing stones to be charged with attempted murder.

By Israel Today Staff


An Israeli court has convicted a Palestinian Arab stone-thrower of murder for a 2011 attack on Jewish motorists near Hebron that killed a man and his infant son.

Palestinian convicted of murder for throwing stones

Palestinian convicted of murder for throwing stones – Israel Today

Wa’al al-Araji, 25, was just doing what most other Palestinian Arabs his age have been raised to think is acceptable when he assaulted Jews driving near the biblical town.

Driving in the opposite direction, al-Araji hurled a large stone at the vehicle of Asher Palmer. The stone smashed through the windshield, knocked Palmer unconscious causing him to crash, which killed both him and his 1-year-old son Yehonatan.

Typically, Israel does not seek a murder charge in stone-throwing attacks, even those that have resulted in fatalities in the past. But the judges in this instance ruled that it was undeniable that al-Araji sought to kill his victims.

But many Israeli commentators noted that in every instance of stone-throwing attacks againts Jewish motorists there is a possibility of fatalities, and the perpetrators know it.

What the world calls “peaceful protest” is more often than not nothing short of attempted murder.


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