Palestinians Claim UN No Longer Credible Due to America’s Right of Veto

Palestinian leaders, enraged at President Trump for blocking their ability to cynically manipulate the UN for political support, are now seeking ways to rid the United States of its veto powers at the Security Council.

By Ryan Jones


The United Nations has lost all credibility.

Not because it puts repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran on the councils responsible for human and women’s rights.

No, the UN has lost all credibility because it allows America to prevent the Palestinians from wasting the world’s time with pointless (and unsubstantiated) condemnations of Israel.

That, of course, according to the Palestinian Authority itself.

On Saturday, the Palestinian leadership demanded that the United Nations revoke America’s right to veto Security Council resolutions and statements.

A day earlier, the US had blocked a Security Council draft condemning Israel for the Palestinian deaths that occurred during the violent mass demonstrations along the Gaza security fence.

Most of the Security Council wanted yet another “independent investigation” into what had happened. But it’s not rocket science. The facts seem pretty clear.

Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, sent tens of thousands of Gazans in an admitted effort to breach sovereign Israeli territory. Israeli soldiers did their job in protecting the border, while taking what were, quite frankly, unprecedented measures to avoid large-scale casualties. It’s no less than any other country would do to prevent a hostile mass infiltration.

Do we really need an expensive and time-consuming commission of inquiry to eventually conclude what we already know? Or, worse, publish a biased report that is ludicrously based on the “sworn testimony” of terrorists.

Fortunately, the Trump Administration’s answer to those questions was a resounding “NO!”

And the Palestinian Authority’s hopeless attempt to upend one of the foundational mechanisms of the United Nations (the veto power enjoyed by the world’s top powers) is evidence of just how desperate they’ve become as the international community grows increasingly weary of their charade.


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