Palestinians introduce ‘3 Schalits’ social media campaign, celebrating the kidnapping of 3 teens

In a barbaric display of intense hatred Palestinians celebrate the abduction of 3 Israeli teenagers is a new media campaign.

By Daniel Siryoti, Yori Yalon & News Agencies


In yet another expression of unadulterated hatred, the Palestinians have launched a cynical social media campaign hailing the abduction of Israeli teens Gil-ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel as an heroic act.

One of the Palestinian children featured in the social media campaign

The campaign, titled “3 Schalits” — in reference to former Hamas captive Gilad Schalit — is the work of known Hamas supporters, and features Palestinian children of all ages.

The children appearing in the campaign are shown holding up three fingers, to mark the three abductees, while a narrator ridicules Israel’s inability to locate the teens despite its defense establishment’s extensive intelligence efforts.

A 20-year-old Palestinian man affiliated with Hamas in Judea and Samaria told Israel Hayom that the abduction has the support of the Palestinian people, as evident, he said, by the fact that parents of Palestinian children who received lifesaving treatment in Israeli hospitals have allowed their children to participate in the social media campaign.

“The Israeli self-justification, as if the Palestinians are supposed to be eternally grateful for the medical treatment given to their children is another aspect of typical Jewish arrogance,” he said.

“Let’s not forget that these Palestinian children only needed medical attention from Israel after they were hurt in operations by the Zionist occupation’s army, and by other crimes the Zionists have perpetrated against the Palestinian people. What exactly are we supposed to be grateful for?”

Also on Tuesday, official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida published a cartoon closely resembling — and grossly misrepresenting — the 2014 FIFA World Cup logo.

The original logo, which features three hands encircling the globe to form the trophy-like shape, was “adapted” to feature the three teens trapped under the three hands. The word “Brasil” in the original logo was replaced with “Khalil” — the Arabic name for Hebron.


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