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PA demands Palestinian homeowners seek official approval to deal with Israeli Arabs

Saying Israeli Arabs are involved in nefarious endeavors and must be vetted by Abbas’ Preventive Security Forces before Palestinians are allowed to rent their home, the PA seeks to eliminate possibility that Israeli Arabs may be used as go-between to facilitate property sales to Jews.



Palestinian landlords wishing to lease properties to Palestinians who hold Israeli ID cards are now required to receive permission from the Palestinian Authority.

The measure, announced last week by the PA, has drawn sharp criticism from Arab residents of east Jerusalem, who hold Israeli ID cards.

Israeli barrier separating Palestinian village of Abu Dis from Jerusalem.

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U.S. envoy to the U.N. Nikki Haley vows to keep Palestinians from key U.N. positions

U.S. State Department backs Nikki Haley’s remarks, showing concern of Palestinian efforts to exploit UN leadership positions for a de facto appearance, or even recognition as an independent state, when if fact they are not.

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Tuesday took some lawmakers by surprise when she seemed to assert that the Trump administration’s policy was to prevent any Palestinians from serving in U.N. positions unless and until the U.S. recognizes an independent Palestinian state.

Haley made the comments during two days of testimony before a pair of committees in the House of Representatives. Continue Reading »

Customs authorities nab Palestinian smuggling ancient Roman coins out of Jordan


Returning Palestinian from the Arab village of Tulkarem was caught attempting to cross the Allenby Border Crossing from Jordan with a ‘heavy coat’ containing 53 historical coins from the Roman period.

By Ido Ben Porat


Customs authorities at the Allenby Crossing between Jordan and Israel foiled on Sunday an attempt to smuggle coins from the Roman and Mameluke periods into Israel.

The smuggler, a resident of the Palestinian Authority city of Tulkarm, was crossing back into Israel from Jordan when he was tagged for a more thorough search by the Israeli Customs Authority.

After the customs officer asked the suspect to empty his pockets, he noticed the suspect’s coat contained something heavy. Continue Reading »

95.5% of Palestinians polled view Mahmoud Abbas’ government as corrupt

Palestinians are becoming increasingly fed up with the PA leadership as billions & billions have been given to Abbas throughout the years, with the leaders, their families & close associates becoming millionaires, as unemployment grows & their economy stagnates.

By The Associated Press


A gated community of villas with well-tended flower gardens near Ramallah may help explain why Palestinians almost universally believe there is corruption in the government of President Mahmoud Abbas.

The secluded “Diplomatic Compound,” built for senior Palestinian Authority officials on subsidized land, is one of the symbols of what many Palestinians think is wrong with their leaders – that they are cut off from the people and award themselves special privileges. Continue Reading »

Survey: 60% of Palestinians support attacking Israelis


view videoAbbas still maintains 1st-place position in terms of the public’s trust with 14% followed by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh with 10% & jailed Barghouti with 9.9%.



Nearly 60% of Palestinians support the continuation of the current wave of attacks on Israelis, according to a public opinion poll published on Sunday.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses UN General Assembly. – Photo: REUTERS

Forty-one percent of respondents oppose it.

The proportion of those who favor the continuation of the attacks was highest in the Gaza Strip (75%), while in the West Bank only about half (51%) do so. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: A Palestinian Arab Brought Up to Hate Israel, Learns the Truth After Visit to Jewish State


WATCH: Despite growing up in Kuwait, Mark Halawi now speaks out about how he was taught that as a Palestinian, Israel is his enemy.

Israel Today Staff


Mark Halawa is a Palestinian Arab who, like most of his people, was raised to hate the Jews and see Israel as his enemy.

After immigrating with his family to Canada, a place where he could finally examine the issues free of prejudice and intimidation, Mark found the truth to be a little different than what he’d been taught.

That led him to actually go study in Israel and experience the situation first hand. Continue Reading »

Palestinian poll: Over 60% won’t support current leaders


POLL: 42% of Palestinians support a 3rd intifada, Abbas would win a mere 36% of the Palestinian vote compared to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, who would get a measly 22%.

By Elior Levy


Less than half of the Palestinians support a third intifada, a recent poll has shown, compared to 63 percent who supported the violence at the beginning of the current escalation.

Palestinian riots in Bethlehem – Photo: Reute

According to the survey, conducted last week in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, only 42 percent of Palestinians support a third intifada, a sharp drop from the 63 percent who supported it in November.

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Israeli Court Shows Illegal Palestinian Worker Mercy for Having Saved Jews

Israeli Judge rules Arab worker who illegally entered Israel to be released and not punished further, for being ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ as he selflessly protected innocent Jews from harm.

By Israel Today Staff


“The defendant is a kind of ‘Righteous Among the Nations,’” ruled Judge Shamai Becker, referencing the designation given to non-Jews who helped save Jewish lives during World War II.

Palestinian workers at a checkpoint leading into Israel-proper. The poor, corruption-riddled Palestinian economy leads many to seek jobs in the Jewish state. – Israel Today

Becker sentenced the defendant to 18 days in prison, which he had already served while in custody. Continue Reading »

Palestinians introduce ‘3 Schalits’ social media campaign, celebrating the kidnapping of 3 teens

In a barbaric display of intense hatred Palestinians celebrate the abduction of 3 Israeli teenagers is a new media campaign.

By Daniel Siryoti, Yori Yalon & News Agencies


In yet another expression of unadulterated hatred, the Palestinians have launched a cynical social media campaign hailing the abduction of Israeli teens Gil-ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel as an heroic act.

One of the Palestinian children featured in the social media campaign

The campaign, titled “3 Schalits” — in reference to former Hamas captive Gilad Schalit — is the work of known Hamas supporters, and features Palestinian children of all ages. Continue Reading »

Vatican Official: Pope Francis I Will Demand ‘Sovereign Palestine’

The Vatican’s Secretary of State says Pope Francis plans to talk about the ‘Palestinian right to a sovereign, independent homeland’ during his visit to Israel.

By Ari Yashar


The Vatican’s Secretary of State made a dramatic revelation ahead of Pope Francis’s visit to Israel next Sunday and Monday, declaring that the pope will talk about the “Palestinian people’s right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent.”

Vatican Sec'y of State Pietro Parolin

Vatican Sec’y of State Pietro Parolin – Reuters

Cardinal Pietro Parolin holds a role in the Vatican City State, located in the Italian capital of Rome, equivalent to that of a prime minister. Continue Reading »

Leviathan gas partners sign 1st gas export agreement with Palestinian power company


The partners managing Israel’s large natural gas reservoir have signed a $1.2 billion agreement to supply the Palestine Power Generation Company.




The drilling partners behind Israel’s large Leviathan gas reservoir have sealed their first export deal for the basin – a $1.2 billion sales agreement with the Palestine Power Generation Company.

 Officials from Delek and the Palestinian Authority - Photo: Chen Galili

Officials from Delek and the Palestinian Authority – Photo: Chen Galili

According to the agreement, signed at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem on Sunday, PPGC will buy around 4.75 billion cubic meters of gas for a period of 20 years, to fuel a future power plant in Jenin with a 200-megawatt capacity. Continue Reading »

Czech Police found weapons cache at Palestinian mission in Prague

After the Palestinian ambassador was killed opening an old safe containing explosives, Czech Police confirmed weapons also found.

By Reuters and



Czech police found weapons at the Palestinian mission in Prague, a police spokeswoman said Thursday, a day after safe exploded there, killing ambassador Jamal al-Jamal.

Explosion at home of Palestinian ambassador in Czech Republic

Firefighters search the area after the explosion, Prague January 1, 2014 – Photo: Reuters

“Yes I can confirm that,” spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova told Reuters when asked about a report on the discovery of weapons. She gave no details about the type or quantity of weapons found.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic died in a blast that occurred when he opened an old safe that had been left untouched for more than 20 years, officials said. Continue Reading »

2nd Gaza Terror Attempt Foiled by IDF, In 2 Days

Another Palestinian terrorist wounded whilst placing explosive on Israel’s security fence with Gaza.

This incident comes just one day after previous clash left one Gaza terrorist dead.

By Ari Yashar



IDF forces foiled a terror attempt from Gaza on Saturday, shooting and wounding a 22 year old terrorist who was trying to place an explosive on the border.

According to the IDF: “this morning terrorists attempted to conceal an explosive device in order to attack IDF soldiers who operate in the proximity of the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.”

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesmen for terrorist organization Hamas’s emergency services, told AFP the terrorist was shot east of the Gaza town of Khan Yunis and moderately injured. Continue Reading »

Canada finally deports 1968 Palestinian El Al hijacking murderer

Palestinian who killed Israeli man on El Al flight from Athens in 1968 & caught living under false identity in Canada, was deported to Lebanon after fighting in court for 25 years.


OTTAWA After a 25-year legal battle, Canada has finally deported a Palestinian convicted of an attack on an Israeli airliner in 1968, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said on Monday.

EL AL planes lie at rest at Ben-Gurion Airport earlier this week due to a strike

EL AL planes parked at Ben-Gurion Airport due to a strike – Photo: REUTERS

Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad, a former Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine commando, took part in the assault on an El Al jet in Athens that killed an Israeli man.

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Analysis: Egypt & Iran vie in power struggle over Gaza

While Tehran voices it’s dissatisfaction on the cease-fire between Hamas & Israel, Cairo is doing its utmost to maintain calm.



Egypt and Iran are locked in a power struggle over their influence and conflicting aims in the Gaza Strip, and Egypt appears to have the upper hand.

IDF soldier sits atop a tank just outside northern Gaza - Photo REUTERS-Amir Cohen

IDF soldier sits atop a tank just outside northern Gaza – Photo: REUTERS-Amir Cohen

While Tehran is dissatisfied with the relative durability of the cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, and is pushing Palestinian armed factions to violate the truce, Cairo is doing its utmost to reinforce the calm, which it views as serving Egypt’s national interest.

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