Phinergy’s fully electric vehicle doesn’t need charging, just water & air

WATCH: Phinergy’s  Metal Air energy systems, based on technology originating at Bar Ilan University in Israel, significantly increases the driving range of current electric vehicles… and with zero emission.


Phinergy is an Israeli start-up company specializing in hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air/zinc-air battery systems for electric vehicles.

The company was founded in 2008 by Aviv Tzidon, who also acts as the CEO of the company, based on technology originating at Bar Ilan University.

Phinergy has patented a “nano-porous silver-based catalyst”, which allows oxygen into the electrode and the cell while at the same time blocking carbon dioxide.

The company claims that this invention enables its battery cathode to sustain more than 25,000 working hours, while significantly reducing weight.

As of 2015, the company has demonstrated its technology on a fully electric vehicle and on an electric boat.


Learn more about this amazing breakthrough technology in zero emission systems based on metal/air energy by Phinergy at: