Photo Essay: More Pics of a Snowed in Jerusalem

This year’s snowstorm has brought both wonderment, smiles & plenty of damage. The following is both Arutz Sheva staff and reader submissions for Snowstorm 5774 (2013).

By Ben Bresky & Contributors


While children are out on the streets playing in the snow, others are surveying the damage caused by downed tree branches, downed power lines and other issues caused by the rare snow storm which has affected most of the county. Snow has hit Jerusalem, shutting down streets and cancelling buses. Snow has also hit northern Tzfat, Ariel, Gush Etzion, and other areas.

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The snow has brought both wonder, smiles and damage. The following is both staff and reader submissions for Snowstorm 5774.

Snow over the Temple Mount area in the Old City. Credit: Barnea Levi Selavan

Snow on the historic Hurva Synagogue, rebuilt in 2010 after being destroyed several times. Credit: Barnea Levi Selavan

Snow on the ancient Broad Wall, which dates back to the time of King Hezekiah. Credit: Barnea Levi Selavan

Snow over the Mount of Olives, where Judaism’s oldest cemetery is located. Credit: Barnea Levi Selavan

Downtown Jerusalem by Agrippas Street covered in snow. Credit: Ari Abramowitz

Rabbi Avraham Hendel of Chabad of Baka makes morning minyan despite the snow. Credit: Ben Bresky

Citrus fruit trees survive the rare winter weather. Credit: Mechaya Ruth Read

Snow covers the historic Montefiore Windmill, recently refurbished. Credit: Mechaya Ruth Read

As the sun comes out, snow turns to rushing streams of water. Credit: Ben Bresky

A man in Jerusalem’s Geulim (Baka) neighborhood walks past downed tree branches and the distinctive balloon statue. Credit: Ben Bresky

Israel’s palm, eucalyptus, carob and other native trees aren’t made for heavy snow. Credit: Ben Bresky

Snow in the Ramot neighborhood piled up and lasted all night. Rochel Sylvetsky

Snow covers trees in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood of Jerusalem. Credit: Ernie Singer