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With school still out in some parts of the country, Israelis flock to ski


Jerusalem, Safat & Ariel are among communities canceling classes Monday (List included) as mountainous regions are still under snow or iced-up .

Hundreds flock to Hermon for Israeli ski experience.

Icy conditions continue to close roads near Jerusalem, while 8,000 homes still without electricity.

By Ahiya Raved




Even though it’s stopped snowing, it’s not all business as usual. On Monday, schools in Jerusalem, Safed, the Upper Galilee and the West Bank canceled classes and kept their doors closed for another day.

Israelis flock to Hermon (Photo: Avihu Shapira)

Israelis flock to Hermon – Photo: Avihu Shapira

Meanwhile, hundreds of skiers made their way to the Mount Hermon Monday morning, after the snow site opened to visitors. Continue Reading »

Thousands escaped Jerusalem During Historic Winter Storm

Israel Railways took the unprecedented step of running trains for the first time into and out of Jerusalem during Shabbat to aid people escape the worst of the storm.

By Ryan Jones


The massive three-day winter storm that slammed Israel over the weekend finally came to an end on Sunday, though its effects were still being felt throughout the country, especially in Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Thousands Fleeing Jerusalem During Massive Winter Storm – Photo source: Israel Today

During the height of the storm, hundreds of people were stranded on the roads leading in and out of Jerusalem, and thousands fled the capital via train. Continue Reading »

IDF Chopper Gets Expectant Mother to Hospital on Time

IDF’s elite search and rescue unit, Unit 669, managed to land a helicopter in a snowbound Shomron community to fly a woman in labor to hospital in time to deliver. 

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A woman living in the snowbound hilltop community of Yitzhar in the Shomron (Samaria) phoned the town’s crisis center on Shabbat (Saturday) morning and informed them that she is in labor.

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Entered into service in 1994. A transport helicopter which features in rescue and evacuation missions, as well as tactical assault transport actions. Its Hebrew nickname is ‘Yanshuf’ (‘Owl’). - IDF Spokesperson Unit

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
Entered into service in 1994. A transport helicopter which features in rescue and evacuation missions, as well as tactical assault transport actions. Its Hebrew nickname is ‘Yanshuf’ (‘Owl’). – IDF Spokesperson Unit

The community’s medical team was rushed to the house and advised that she be taken to the hospital immediately. Continue Reading »

With storm winding down 35,000 households still without power


Electric Corp workers struggle to access electrical wires as 16 inches of snow in Jerusalem area leaves tens of thousands without electricity.

By Noam (Dabul) Dvir

As snow continues to pile up in Jerusalem and northern mountain tops, tens of thousands of Israeli households are still without power. The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) said 35,000 households across the country are without power as a result of the tough weather conditions.

Armored carrier in Jerusalem (Photo: Almog Melichi)

Armored carrier in Jerusalem – Photo: Almog Melichi

They include 12,900 in Jerusalem, 7,000 in the north, 2,000 in central and southern Israel and thousands more in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Aerial View of Snowy Jerusalem Under Siege


Road closures throughout Jerusalem and on roads entering & exiting the capital as snow blankets the city & surrounding area.

The worst of the cold weather system expected Friday.

By Israel Hayom Staff



Fifty centimeters (19.7 inches) of snow fell in Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday (as of press time), leading to a state of emergency in the city, to which entrance and exit roads have been closed.

A Jerusalem light rail train pushes through the snow on Thursday – Photo: Lior Mizrahi

“I’ve heard of making guests welcome and feeling at home. This is as far as I’ve seen anyone go, giving a nice New England snow storm,” said U.S. Continue Reading »

Photo Essay: More Pics of a Snowed in Jerusalem

This year’s snowstorm has brought both wonderment, smiles & plenty of damage. The following is both Arutz Sheva staff and reader submissions for Snowstorm 5774 (2013).

By Ben Bresky & Contributors


While children are out on the streets playing in the snow, others are surveying the damage caused by downed tree branches, downed power lines and other issues caused by the rare snow storm which has affected most of the county. Snow has hit Jerusalem, shutting down streets and cancelling buses. Snow has also hit northern Tzfat, Ariel, Gush Etzion, and other areas.

More pictures at:

The snow has brought both wonder, smiles and damage. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem’s Mayor Asks IDF & Police to Extricate Stranded Drivers

Mayor Barkat enlists the IDF & Israel Police to assist the many drivers & cars that have been caught stranded due to the ice & snow.

By Elad Benari


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has enlisted the IDF and the Israel Police to help out the many drivers who have been stranded on the city’s roads because of the snow.

On Thursday night, after the snowstorm which hit the capital caused many road closures and traffic jams, Barkat contacted IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and the head of the Jerusalem District of the Israel Police, Yossi Pariente, and asked them to help clear the roads of stranded cars and people. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem anticipates snowfall for third year in a row

Barkat says Israel’s capital prepared for snowfall, that may fall as early as Thursday; snow to also fall on Golan & Galilee mountain peaks.



After two winters in a row that did not disappoint, the capital’s residents are waiting in anticipation for a potentially snowy end to their week.

Snow in Jerusalem last year  - Israel Today

Snow in Jerusalem last year – Israel Today

“Snow in Jerusalem is a celebration for Jerusalemites and the many visitors who come to see the most beautiful city in the world painted white,” said Mayor Nir Barkat. “We hope the snow does not disappoint – especially the children of Jerusalem who are waiting and excited.” Continue Reading »

Kinneret rises & snow on Mount Hermon in Israel’s 1st winter storm of season

Scattered showers from the Galilee to the Negev broke the unseasonably warm weather.

Rain & lower temperatures forecasted to continue over weekend.




The first winter storm of the season hit Israel on Thursday as the unseasonably warm weather experienced throughout November gave way to rainfall and even snow.

A SOLDIER enjoys the weather on Mt. Hermon [file]

A SOLDIER enjoys the weather on Mt. Hermon – File Photo: IDF Spokesman

Lake Kinneret rose for the first time since April on Thursday morning – by 1 centimeter – as a direct result of ongoing rains, the Water Authority said.

The Kinneret’s water level is now 211.40 meters below sea level, 2.6 meters from full capacity. Continue Reading »

Snow Photos & Video Exposé: Jerusalem of White

Schools throughout the Jerusalem area are closed Thursday, with buses & light rail not running. Snow expected to fall until afternoon.

By Annie Lubin


Forget Jerusalem of gold, because after the snowfall that began Wednesday and is expected to last until Thursday afternoon, the city should be called Jerusalem of white.

Residents of the capital woke up to more than 10 cm of snow which accumulated overnight. The snow left its mark throughout the center of the city, but the higher neighborhoods, such as French Hill and Mount Herzl, experienced the most amount of accumulation

The Jerusalem Municipality opened a special operations room to address any transportation problems which may arise due to the weather. Continue Reading »

Kinneret rises 20 centimeters after Israel’s stormy weekend

Increase comes after heavy snowfall in northern Israel and Jerusalem, and as rains inundate Tel Aviv.

A weekend of heavy rains and snowstorms throughout the country contributed to a 20 centimeter rise in the level of Lake Kinneret, one of Israel’s primary sources of drinking water.

Kids throwing snowballs in the Golan Heights

Kids throwing snowballs at Ein Zivan in the northern Golan Heights this weekend. Photo by: Gil Eliyahu

The Kinneret’s water level has risen 30 centimeters since the beginning of the current round of storms last week. Since the beginning of the current storm system, Jerusalem has seen 168 millimeters of rain, Ariel 93, and Tel Aviv 58 millimeters.
Continue Reading »