Police arrest ‘modesty squad’ that ‘terrorized’ Beitar Illit


The two ultra-Orthodox men that have been harassing the city’s female residents for what they claim is unchaste behavior, have been caught & arrested.

By Eli Senyor


Two ultra-Orthodox men were arrested Monday for instilling what allegedly heading a “modesty squad” that terrorized the female residents of Beitar Illit over what they deemed their “immodest behavior.”

Two ultra-Orthodox menThe two, both in the 30s, are believed to be responsible for what the police called “a reign or terror.”

The two are suspected of a line of violent acts including threats, beatings, kidnappings and more, against what they believe are indecent women, and at times – men.

The suspects allegedly followed the conduct of the city’s residents and decided to “educate” those who did not live up to their standards of modesty.

According to the case file, the two would watch people’s conduct in the streets, the way they dressed, the manner in which they sat on public transportation, their use of language and more.

In some cases, they attacked adolescents and in one instance, they allegedly kidnapped a 17-year-old, placing him in a closed room and beating him for daring to “act wantonly.”

During the police’s covert investigation, officers discovered that the two were known to the public and that people preferred turning a blind eye to their actions.

The men will be arraigned before the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. The police are expected to ask they be remanded. A police source told Ynet that more arrests are expected in the case.

Meanwhile, in the framework of the Israel Police’s National Fraud Unit, detectives raided the Beitar Illit municipality and confiscated a few computers. It is not yet clear whether the raid is somehow connected to the suspects.


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