Police foil Palestinians’ plans to return to E-1 outpost

Regional Arabs try to return to tent encampment in disputed E-1 area following Sunday’s forced evacuation; Israeli Border Guard block their path at entrance to main road.

By Elior Levy, Itamar Fleishman


Dozens of Palestinians on Tuesday attempted to return to the Bab al-Shams outpost they recently erected in the disputed E1 area between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim.

Arabs try to enter E1 outpost  Photo by Ohad ZwigenbergThe Palestinians attempted to arrive at the site on foot, but Israeli security forces chased after them and managed to block them at the entrance to the main road leading to the site.

The tent encampment was evacuated by Israeli security forces on Sunday, citing security concerns.

The area remains a closed military zone and the High Court of Justice has yet to rule on the legality of the outpost – as it remains unclear if the Palestinians pitched the tents on private or State-owned land. This is the reason the tents themselves have not been removed from the area.

A senior IDF Central Command officer said the army is gathering information about the Popular Committees, the group behind the initiative to erect the 30-tent Bab al-Shams outpost, in order to prevent “additional provocations.”

The official said the Palestinians are operating in disputed areas in hopes of causing an uproar throughout the world.

Israel’ announcement that it plans to expand construction in E1 drew harsh criticism from the US and Europe. The Palestinians claim that any Israeli building in the area will essentially split the West Bank in two and prevent the formation of a Palestinian state.


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