Poll: A third of British Jews ponders leaving the UK

In their Multiyear survey, the Campaign Against anti-Semitism found 31% of British Jews consider leaving the UK over fear of anti-Semitism.

  • 17% of Jewish UK citizens say they feel unwelcome in Britain.
  • 37% polled feel they need to hide their Jewishness in public.
  • 65% of British Jews say gov’t doesn’t do enough to keep them safe.
  • 80% say the Labour Party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism.

By Ynet


Nearly one-third of British Jews have considered leaving the country in the last two years over fear of anti-Semitism, according to a poll by YouGov for the Campaign Against anti-Semitism (CAA), which was published on Sunday.

Many religious Jewish men feel apprehensive venturing outside wearing their ‘kippah.’ – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The multiyear research found that 31 percent of British Jews considered immigration at least once in the past two years—a three percent increase from 2015.

The anti-Semitism Barometer research was conducted between 2015-2017 and surveyed 3,411 British Jews in 2015, 1,660 in 2016, and 1,614 in 2017.

The poll also found that 17 percent of Jews—about one in six—feel unwelcome in Britain, while 37 percent feel they need to hide their ethnicity in public.

Sixty-five percent of British Jews said the British government did not do enough to protect them, and only 39 percent felt confident anti-Semitic hate crime would be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, more than 80 percent agreed that the Labour Party was too tolerant of anti-Semitism.

Labor Chairman Jeremy Corbyn, often embroiled in anti-Semitic scandals

Labor Chairman Jeremy Corbyn, often embroiled in anti-Semitic scandals

Meanwhile, a Sky News poll found that anti-Semitic views in Britain were actually on the decline.

The poll examined how many respondents agreed with seven anti-Semitic statements. The number of people who agreed with at least one statement among the seven dropped from 45 percent in 2015 to 36 percent this year.


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