President Trump’s Israel visit included THREE historical firsts


If President Trump’s first foreign diplomatic trip to Israel seems short, or less ‘presidential’ than previous visits, you need to take a closer look.

By Phillip Pasmanick


U.S. President Donald Trump landed in Israel on Monday afternoon, and immediately made history. Air Force One’s flight to the Jewish State was the first flight to have a publicized flight plan to successfully fly directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

Air Force One lands in Israel – Screenshot from Israel TV Channel 1

On board were two Jewish passengers, of whom one was known to Saudi authorities to have most likely visited Israel in the past.

Remember Barack Obama’s first trips to Cairo, where he delivered his apologetic speech to Egyptian students or his infamous ‘curtsy’ before the Saudi King? A stopover in Jerusalem was out of the question, even though Israel ‘is in the neighborhood.’

President Donald Trump, who said numerous times as Candidate Trump, that ‘Israel had been treated badly, very, very badly’ by Obama, so he took steps to attenuate such disrespectful behavior by including Israel in his first trip abroad. In fact, Trump was the first US president to do so.

Then, just over an hour being in Jerusalem, President Trump, along with his family, went to Judaism’s holy Kotel, also known as the Western Wall. Afraid to send ‘the wrong message’ to the Arabs, no sitting president has ever visited the clearly Jewish holy site in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Now, if President Trump was too subtle in these historical achievements, it needs to be said that his diplomatic mission in the Eternal Jewish Capital occurred as Israel was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem from Arab forces in 1967, after having lost part of it 19 years earlier when attacked by 6 Arab armies in 1948.

Jerusalem celebrates 50 years of reunification – Photo: Nir Barkat:Twitter

President Trump has done more in respecting Israel as a close ally in 4 months, than Obama did in 8 years.


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