Prominent Pakistani Muslim author insists: Israel is no apartheid state

Outspoken female Muslim doctor & author who’s visiting Israel for the 1st time, says Israel is the only country in the region that allows a woman to speak freely.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel does not fit the description of an apartheid state, as so many of its antagonists charge, and in fact is by far the most tolerant country in the region, declared a prominent Muslim author and doctor last week in Jerusalem.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a  prominent Pakistani Muslim author & doctor

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a prominent Pakistani Muslim author & doctor

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a British-born Pakistani Muslim who today lives in New York, is a specialist in sleeping disorders, and an outspoken critic of radical Islam and the lies its perpetrates against Israel and the West.

Speaking at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem last Wednesday, Dr. Ahmed spoke of the growing persecution of minorities across the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring, and how Israel is really standing out as the only country in the region that not only tolerates, but integrates minorities.

She said the difficulties experienced in other countries is even felt by many Muslims should they find themselves in disagreement with the Islamists now seizing power throughout the Middle East.

What frustrates Dr. Ahmed most is the Western media’s near refusal to speak openly about the persecution of minorities, especially Christians, in Arab countries. She said that only Muslims like herself can today criticize Islam without being labeled as bigots, but, sadly, too few are ready to do so.

Meanwhile, the truth about Israel is ignored, and even covered up with scandalous lies. It is rather telling, noted Dr. Ahmed, that Israel is “the only place in the region where I can give this talk and go home afterwards.”


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