Rare Hebrew Bible bought on eBay for $7,000 lost in mail

A rare 16th-century Bible written in Hebrew was sold to a New York man who reports it never arrived, despite contrary information from postal authorities alleging it was delivered.

From Haaretz


A rare 16th-century, eight-volume Hebrew Bible sold on eBay earlier this month for $7,000 has gone missing.

Hebrew Bible

Hebrew Bible (illustrative).- Photo: Rangreiss/Dreamstime.com

Gene Albert, a Virginia artifacts dealer sold the bible to Jacob Gestetner, a resident of Monsey, New York, home to a large Orthodox Jewish population. Gestetner claims he never received it despite postal tracking information showing it was delivered Oct. 10, according to the Journal News.

The bible set dates to the 1540s and was part of the collection of Andrew Fletcher, a 17th-century Scottish politician renowned for his private library, according to the paper.

“Either he has it or it was stolen from his mailbox,” Albert told the Journal News. “Either way it’s gone and I’m out the money.” Albert said Gestetner paid him for the bible but he must refund it under terms of the eBay agreement.

Albert also said he filed a claim with the U.S. Postal Service and also contacted the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America in the event it turns up for sale.

Albert told the Journal News that he usually checks off the “Signature Required” box when mailing artifacts to buyers, but forgot to do that when shipping the Bible to Gestetner.

Gestetner declined to comment, telling the paper the purchase was a private matter.


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