REPORT: 93 Palestinians injured as Israeli Navy intercepts Gaza flotilla

After 7,000 Palestinian protesters clashed with the IDF and Gaza sailors trying to break the sea blockade near the Israel-Gaza maritime border on Monday, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reported 37 of the 93 injured were from live IDF sniper fire.



93 people were injured, with 37 from live IDF sniper fire, reported the Gaza Ministry of Health on Monday evening following intense clashes between 7,000 Palestinian protesters and IDF soldiers near the maritime boundary between the Gaza strip and Israel.

An attempt by various Gazan sailors to break the sea blockade and enter Israeli waters was intercepted by the Israeli navy.

During the upcoming week another attempt to sail from Gaza to Israeli waters will be undertaken by various activist groups calling on Israel to “lift the siege” on Gaza.

The Kårstein (top) and the Hurriyah (Freedom), tried to reach Gaza in July – Facebook

In July an Israeli court ordered to seize Gaza flotilla belonging to an NGO should it reach Israeli waters, it did and was seized by the Israeli navy.


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