Report: Cleantech & World Wildlife Fund, Ranks Israel #1 in ‘clean-tech’


Cleantech and World Wildlife Fund say Israel generates the right kind of ‘chutzpah’ necessary to breed clean, green innovations.



A new survey on countries with the best environment for “cleantech” innovation ranked Israel number one.

Wind turbines – Photo: AFP

The survey, executed by the Cleantech Group and the World Wildlife Fund, was released at the end of June.

The report states that it “investigates the countries where entrepreneurial clean technology companies are most likely to emerge from over the next 10 years – and why.”

The report said that Israel “generates the culture, education and ‘chutzpah’ necessary to breed innovation, plus it has the survival instincts to manage a resource-constrained geography.”

In second and third place was the United States and Finland.

It was noted that Israel has room for improvement in the category of “evidence of commercialized innovation.”

A leader in the Israel Advanced Technology Industries trade association told Haaretz newspaper that the government of Israel isn’t supportive of the cleantech movement.

“Ministries in Israel haven’t recognized the potential, and state support for technology development, especially in the early stages and in integrating innovations into Israeli power and water infrastructure is poor and ineffective,” he said.


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