REPORT: Massive blast rocks Hezbollah command center

Syrian rebel media outlets report mysterious explosion at Hezbollah’s command center near Damascus as the terror group is reportedly positioning its forces in southern Syria to prepare for an attack on Israel, should current Persian Gulf/Iran tensions boil over.

By Netta Bar , Israel Hayom


Media outlets affiliated with rebel groups in Syria on Monday published photos purporting to show smoke rising from an attacked Hezbollah command center in the town of Yabrud, north of the capital Damascus.

The cause of the alleged blast was not immediately known, nor was it known if it resulted in any casualties. Official Syrian state news outlets ignored the event entirely.

Smoke rises from the site of an alleged blast in Yabrud, Syria – Arab media

Reports have surfaced in recent weeks that Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, is realigning its forces in southern Syria to prepare for a military clash with Israel, which it intends to wage from Syrian territory if tensions between the United States and Iran in the Persian Gulf boil over.

On July 24, the Syrian military accused Israel of firing surface-to-surface missiles at an intelligence station recently constructed by the Iranians at Tal al-Hara in southern Syria overlooking northern Israel and parts of the eastern Mediterranean.

Syrian news agency reported on July 24, 2019 that Israel fired missiles on several weapons depot used by Iranian militias in the Deraa and Kuneitra regions of Syria.

According to the Syrian state news agency’s report, the country’s air-defense systems were activated against “hostile missiles” launched from the Israeli Golan Heights and Israeli aircraft west of Damascus.

The report said two additional explosions were heard shortly after, one in the Quneitra area and a second in Tal al-Hara, adjacent to Quneitra.

Reports in the Arab media noted that the brunt of the attack was directed at an Iranian base where Hezbollah and members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard are stationed.


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