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BREAKING: Hamas neighborhood weapons depot explodes in Lebanon

WATCH: Multiple deaths caused by an explosion at a Hamas weapons cache inside a Palestinian camp near the Lebanese port city of Tyre.
– This is an ongoing story.



A large explosion rocked a Palestinian camp in the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre on Friday night causing a number of deaths and injuries, state media reported.

The explosion took place at a Hamas weapons depot and a judge had ordered security forces to launch an investigation, the state-run National News Agency reported.

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Weapon warehouse in residential home in Gaza explodes, 1 dead, 14 injured

Palestinians accuse Hamas of storing weapons in a residential home located in Gaza City’s Al-Zawiya market, saying that the explosion which killed 1 & injured 14 on Thursday happened in a secret Hamas ammunition warehouse.




Palestinian factions and human rights organizations have called on Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups to stop storing weapons in residential areas following another explosion, which killed one person and injured 14 others on Thursday.

They also demanded a thorough investigation into the explosion in order to hold those responsible accountable.

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Report: U.S., Russia gave Israel ‘green light’ to strike Iran in Iraq

A London-based Arabic-language daily reports Israel attacked positions of Iran-backed militias and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ missile warehouses after Israel reached an agreement with both Moscow and Washington.

By Daniel Salami


Israel has attacked Iranian targets in Iraq at least three times in the past few weeks as part of “understandings” reached with the United States and Russia, the London-based, Arabic-language Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Wednesday.

According to the report, which cites Western diplomatic sources, the strikes targeted missile warehouses of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. It was one of a series of explosions in recent weeks at weapons depots, bases or positions belonging to Iran-backed military groups in the country. Continue Reading »

4th Massive Explosion rocks Iranian-backed paramilitary base in Iraq

This fourth destructive incident follows similar ‘unexplained’ massive explosions that have targeted weapons depots belonging to Iranian-backed Shi’ite forces outside Iraq’s capital in recent weeks.

By i24NEWS


An explosion has rocked a Iranian-backed Shi’ite paramilitary base in northern Iraq, according to local reports.

It remains unclear if the explosion, located near near the Balad air base in Salaheddin province, was the result of a targeted attack or merely an accident.

Plumes of smoke rise after an explosion, just one in a recent series, at a military base southwest of Baghdad, Iraq – Monday, Aug. 12, 2019. – AP Photo/Loay Hameed.jpg

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Explosion kills dozens in Syrian airport during Iranian weapons delivery

Intelligence website reports the explosion that killed 31 took place while Syrian soldiers and Shiite militias were handling a new weapons shipment from Iran that was most likely intended for Hezbollah.
– Damascus claims explosion an “accident.”

By  Neta Bar , News Agencies , Israel Hayom Staff


A massive explosion at the Shayrat Airbase in central Syria has left 31 people dead and dozens more wounded, Arab media reported Saturday.

According to the report, the fatalities include Syrian soldiers and Shiite militiamen.

Explosion at Shayrat Airbase, Syria. – Photo: Google Maps/IsraelandStuff

Syrian media labeled the explosion an “accident.” Quoting a military source, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said the explosions took place at an ammunition depot while troops were removing faulty munitions. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Massive blast rocks Hezbollah command center

Syrian rebel media outlets report mysterious explosion at Hezbollah’s command center near Damascus as the terror group is reportedly positioning its forces in southern Syria to prepare for an attack on Israel, should current Persian Gulf/Iran tensions boil over.

By Netta Bar , Israel Hayom


Media outlets affiliated with rebel groups in Syria on Monday published photos purporting to show smoke rising from an attacked Hezbollah command center in the town of Yabrud, north of the capital Damascus.

The cause of the alleged blast was not immediately known, nor was it known if it resulted in any casualties. Official Syrian state news outlets ignored the event entirely. Continue Reading »

Foreign Report: Israeli jets explode Iranian, Hezbollah weapons depots in Syria

According to a Syrian rebel report, Israeli jets entered the Deraa district, which recently displaced tens of thousands of civilians due to the regime’s bombardments, and fired rockets at ammunition warehouses belonging to pro-Assad militias, resulting in massive explosions heard throughout the district.



Large explosions were heard in the Deraa district of south Syria on Tuesday in an area in which ammunition warehouses belonging to the Assad regime and pro-Assad militias are located, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Daraa is located in Southwest Syria, bordering both Israel’s part of the Golan Heights and Jordan – Photo: Karte-NordNordWest, Lizenz-Creative Commons, IsraelandStuff

According to Syrian opposition media reports, the explosions were the result of an IDF air strike. Continue Reading »

Dropping like flies: Another bomb-maker dead from work accident in Gaza

Third Hamas terrorist killed in less than a week as PA media reports a 55 yr-old Hamas terrorist died Monday from an explosion in northern Gaza.

By David Rosenberg


One person was killed and three more injured in an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip Monday morning.

Arab media outlets reported that the explosion occurred in the town of Beit Lahiya.

Hamas terrorists from-the izz ad din al qassam brigades at funeral – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Health officials in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip identified the man killed in the explosion as 55-year-old Mohammed Nimr Maqadmah.

A member of the Hamas terror group’s military wing, it is unclear if Maqadmah was killed in a targeted killing, or in an accidental explosion while building a bomb. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel Police ignite 10 tons of confiscated fireworks in one colorful explosion


Israel Police find more that just drugs during a raid on a suspected drug lab, leading them to explode 10 tons of illegal fireworks in a quarry in the center of the country.

By Roi Yanovsky


A raid on a drug lab in the center of the country yielded a storage container packed with roughly 10 tons of fireworks and other dangerous devices. Police decided to destroy the cache of illegal explosives and have now opened an investigation into the property owner.

Policeman tells of court order to destroy fireworks because of the danger from their improper storage in populated area. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Massive explosion rocked US Air Force Station prior to Israeli satellite launch


view videoTremendous explosion felt for miles around of an unmanned test rocket during a routine test destroyed the SpaceX launch site in Florida, which was supposed to carry an Israeli communications satellite over the weekend.

By The Associated Press


An explosion rocked a SpaceX launch site Thursday during a routine rocket test. SpaceX was conducting a test firing of its unmanned rocket when the blast occurred shortly after 9am, according to NASA. The test was in advance of a planned Saturday launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which is next to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Buildings several miles away shook from the blast, and multiple explosions continued for several minutes. Continue Reading »

Biblical Retribution? – Gaza Tunnel No.11 Explodes, 2 Dead, 70 Wounded


According to Egyptian sources, a gas pipe exploded inside a tunnel beneath the town of Rafah, wounding some70 people, killing 2, causing the evacuation from some 60 homes, and exposing the locations of about 50 more Hamas tunnels.
– This is tunnel-collapse number 11…..the 11th Plague?

By Jewish Press News Briefs


A gas pipe running through a tunnel under the Gazan town of Rafah exploded, wounding some 60-70 people, and killing 2, according to Egyptian sources.

According to Al Bawab News, some 50 smuggling tunnels were uncovered due to the explosion.

This tunnel incident is separate from the Hamas terror tunnel that collapsed tonight in Khan Younis. Continue Reading »