REVEALED: MI5 caught & released Hezbollah operative in London terror plot

Succumbing to Obama White House pressure in 2015 not to threaten the newly signed Iran Nuclear Deal, an operative working for Hezbollah was arrested, then released without charge, after explosives were uncovered by MI5 in a terror plot against Israeli targets near London.

By Ynet


The British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph reported Sunday, that British security service, MI5, had in 2015, uncovered a plot by the Iran backed terror group Hezbollah to lay the ground work for terror acts against Israeli targets in the UK.

Screenshot from J’lem Post/Reuters

According to the report MI5 and metropolitan police, acting on information provided by a foreign government’s intelligence agency, found a stockpile of ammonium nitrate commonly used in bomb making, concealed in thousands of disposable ice packs, in a location in the North of London.

Forsaking both Sunni & Jewish allies, Obama sought Iranian agreement at any price.

A man in his 40’s was arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorist acts on behalf of Hezbollah, but was released without charge.

According to the Telegraph, the incident was not made public because the United States had just signed the nuclear deal with Iran and the UK government may have been invested in the deal’s success and did not wish to risk relations with Iran, Hezbollah’s benefactor.


The paper quotes “well placed sources” as saying the suspect was released because the plot uncovered was foiled.

Screenshot: J’lem Post/Reuters

The Daily Telegraph reported that the London plot was part of a larger plan by Hezbollah to attack Israeli targets around the world. Similar plots were foiled in Thailand, Cyprus and New York.

Hezbollah-Iran Related Global Terrorism:

  1. Peruvian Police arrest Hezbollah agent planning terrorist attacks on Jews, Israelis
  2. Thailand prevents Hezbollah terror plot to kill Israeli tourists
  3. Bulgarian Investigation Proves Hezbollah Executed Burgas Terrorist Attack
  4. Cyprus jails Hezbollah terrorist for plotting attack on Israelis
  5. Australia Clamps Down on Hezbollah Money-Laundering Scam & Drug-Running
  6. Saudi Arabia blacklists Hezbollah as terrorist groups
  7. Bahrain 1st Arab country to blacklist Hezbollah as Terror Organization
  8. Nigeria adds charges against 3 suspected Hezbollah terrorists

The paper points out that the Cyprus case, also uncovered in 2015, where a confessed Hezbollah agent, Hussein Bassam Abdallah was found with 8.2 tons of ammonia nitrate, also stored in disposable ice packs was similar to the one in London.

Sources told the Telegraph that the UK plot was at a very early stage and no targets had been selected. It said UK intelligence hoped to establish what Hezbollah was up to and did not disrupt it immediately but the fact that the case was not revealed to the public, raised questions.

Obama wanted the Hezbollah bomb-factory kept secret. – Screenshot: J’lemPost/Reuters

Hezbollah is considered a terror organization by Israel, the US and the Arab League. Britain blacklisted Hezbollah’s military wing in 2008 but had until now made no move against its political wing.


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If you agree with me and think allowing Hezbollah to plan terrorist attacks against Jewish targets with impunity is morally despicable, know that this kind of behavior was not unique.

Remember that the Obama led Iranian deal was designed to allow the Iranian regime to acquire the means and ability to build their own nuclear weapon, but they had to wait 10 years.

That’s why PM Netanyahu was relentless in his opposition to the final agreement. He knew 10 years would arrive in a blink of an eye, and then the int’l community would have no recourse to stop the Iranian aspirations of nuking Israel because the P5+1 had given them permission that was embedded into International law. (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed on July 14, 2015, between Iran, and with China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus Germany [aka P5+1] and the European Union)

Furthermore, to get Iran to agree to wait the 10 years, Obama took a few immoral actions to sweeten the deal. He sent plane-loads of cash to Tehran that subsequently went to pay Hezbollah after years of ‘financial austerity’. That was…is still felt in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Obama paid for war & chaos to go rampant throughout the mid-East.

He also closed down an FBI investigation known as ‘Project Cassandra’, an effort launched in 2008, led by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to undercut Hezbollah funding and money laundering from illicit drugs smuggled into the US via the open Mexican border.

According to the DEA, Hezbollah had become increasingly involved with drug trafficking and organized crime as a method of funding its world-wide terrorist activities. (see above: Hezbollah-Iran Related Global Terrorism) The investigation was tracking how large sums of money were being laundered from the Americas, through Africa, and to Lebanon into Hezbollah’s coffers.

Now here’s Obama’s handiwork: An investigative report published by Politico in December 2017, described how so called ‘national security concerns’ by the White House to get and maintain the Iran nuclear agreement, took precedence over the DEA project. The case was effectively shut down.

No one in the Obama administration ever thought for an instant that someone other than Hillary Clinton would replace Barack Obama in the White House, so that his nefarious and immoral actions would remain unknown to the public.


So…that’s my take on how horrible Obama was towards Israel, the world, and even the health & safety of Americans. Don’t agree?…then leave a rebuttal below. PROVE ME WRONG!