Saudi Arabia arrests 60 Hamas terrorists, confiscate money, property

Lebanese daily reports Saudi authorities have arrested dozens of Hamas members, confiscated their computers, documents, money, property, and banned activities by companies & organizations suspected of illegally laundering money for the Palestinian terrorist organization.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen reoprted that Saudi Arabia’s internal security forces have arrested over 60 people identified as members of the Hamas terror group.

The report, which Al Mayadeen attributed to “Palestinian sources,” noted that some of those arrested are Hamas parliamentarians who live in Gaza.

It also noted that the Saudi security forces had raided the Hamas members’ Saudi Arabia offices, confiscating computers and documents.

The report also said that the Saudi security forces have been working for several weeks to arrest and interrogate Hamas activists and supporters located in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi authorities have also issued orders to close and confiscate both money and property, and have banned activities by the companies and organizations suspected of laundering money for Hamas.

In an announcement, the Saudi authorities announced that on April 4, they arrested al-Khadri, who is close to 80 years old and who has been living in Jeddah for three decades. Al-Khadri has not yet been released, over four months later.

The announcement also said that Saudi Arabia did not take the former “Hamas ambassador’s” health into consideration, nor did it take into consideration his qualification as an ENT doctor, instead focusing on his activities in the “battle for the Palestinian nation.”


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