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Hamas furious over secret trials of its arrested officials in Saudi Arabia

In a public statement from Gaza, the Hamas terrorist organization condemned the Saudi Kingdom for having begun unpublicized criminal trials of dozens of “the best of and the most elite of the Palestinian people residing in Saudi Arabia.” 

By AP, Israel Hayom Staff


On Monday Hamas criticized the secretive criminal trials in Saudi Arabia of dozens of members and supporters of the Palestinian terrorist group.

The group, which rules the Gaza Strip, said Saudi authorities detained dozens of “the best of and the most elite of the Palestinian people residing in Saudi Arabia.”

A popular account on Twitter focused on the arrests and trials of dissidents, reported that the Saudi government is conducting the trials before the Specialized Criminal Court, a secretive tribunal established to try terrorism cases. Continue Reading »

Saudi Arabia arrests 60 Hamas terrorists, confiscate money, property

Lebanese daily reports Saudi authorities have arrested dozens of Hamas members, confiscated their computers, documents, money, property, and banned activities by companies & organizations suspected of illegally laundering money for the Palestinian terrorist organization.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen reoprted that Saudi Arabia’s internal security forces have arrested over 60 people identified as members of the Hamas terror group.

The report, which Al Mayadeen attributed to “Palestinian sources,” noted that some of those arrested are Hamas parliamentarians who live in Gaza.

It also noted that the Saudi security forces had raided the Hamas members’ Saudi Arabia offices, confiscating computers and documents. Continue Reading »

Hamas leadership not smiling: Saudi newspaper deems Hamas a terrorist organization

Hamas, officially categorized a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the European Union, responded viciously at the Saudi paper referring to their delegation visiting Tehran as, “Terrorist Hamas attends the inauguration of the Iranian president.”

By i24NEWS


Hamas launched a blistering attack against one of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent newspapers on Saturday after the pro-government daily Al-Riyadh published a headline that described the Islamist group as a terror organization.

“Terrorist Hamas attends the inauguration of the Iranian president,” the newspaper headlined its story about a delegation from the group’s political bureau who visited Tehran on the weekend for the swearing-in ceremony of President Hassan Rouhani. Continue Reading »