Sea of Galilee adds 2m hitting highest water-level since 2007

Week-long torrential rains gave Israel’s freshwater reservoir much needed boost.

Israel Water Authority expects additional half-meter rise from upcoming melting snow

By Ynet


Lake Kinneret enjoyed a robust six-day period resulting in a massive rise of nearly a meter, the Water Authority said.

Lake Kinneret Photp: AFP

Lake Kinneret – Photo: AFP

The weather system which brought a week-long rain storm to Israel has caused increased outflow in the rivers flowing to the lake, which is Israel’s only freshwater reservoir, resulting in an 80cm rise in water levels in the span of five days.

The Sea of Galilee has added 2 meters since the winter began and is now at 211.20 meters below sea level.

The Kinneret’s water level is now 1.80 meters above its lower red line and 2.40 meters below its upper red line – the highest level recorded since 2007.

According to the Water Authority, the recent snowfall is expected to add an additional 50cm to the lake – not taking into consideration future rainfall this season.

Snow on the mountains of the Golan Heights.

According to the water authority, the amount of water added to Lake Kinneret in January alone make up two-thirds of the lake’s annual average.


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