Seeking legal precedent: Israel gov’t vs. Widow & children of Palestinian terrorist for $2.3M


Jerusalem’s District Prosecutors filed suit Sunday, suing widow and 3 children of Palestinian terrorist for $2.3 million for reparations to the state in what will set a legal precedent in Israel’s future actions designed to deter Palestinians carrying out terror attacks.

By i24NEWS


Israel has filed the first lawsuit against the family of a Palestinian terrorist who carried out a car-ramming killing four in Jerusalem in January 2017.

Jerusalem’s District Prosecutors filed the suit Sunday, suing his widow and three children for $2.3 million dollars for reparations to the state in what will set a precedent for Israel’s future action against Palestinians carrying out terror attacks.

The suit is the first out of several others expected to be filed in upcoming months, reported Israeli daily Haaretz, as additional suits are already being considered.

The defendants of the January car-ramming suit are the widow of 28-year-old Fadi al-Qanbar, Tahani, and his children who are between the ages of one and eight years old.

Qanbar, who plowed his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers visiting a popular Jerusalem tourist site, was subsequently shot and killed behind the wheel.

In such cases, the Israeli government typically takes measures against the terrorist’ families by refusing the body for burial, sealing or demolishing their homes, and revoking residency permits.

Shortly after the attack, Israeli officials called on harsher punitive measures. Interior Minister Arye Dery called the legal proceedings an indication of “a new era against terrorism.”

“From now on, anyone who plots, plans or considers carrying out a terrorist attack will know that his family will pay a heavy price for his deed,” he added.

In the new measure, the state is seeking compensation of 2 million shekels for each soldier  killed and will include the costs of headstones and reimbursements to the victims’ families, usually paid out by the government.


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