Sirens sounds throughout Israel as part of Home Front Command’s national drill

Everyone called on to actively participate in national exercise by going to their protected areas when  sirens are sounded at 12:30 pm in afternoon & 7:05 this evening.


No sirens will be heard in areas bordering Gaza, in order not to cause panic.

By Yoav Zitun

One of the two sirens part of the annual emergency exercise sounded at noon on Monday. The first alarm sounded at 12:30 pm and was meant primarily as a workplace and educational institution exercise. The second siren will sound vated at 7:05 pm, so families can practice in their homes.

נערכים לתרגיל. השר ארדן, הרמטכ"ל גנץ ואלוף אייזנברג (צילום: דובר צה"ל)

Erdan (second from left), beside IDF chief Benny Gantz – Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Following reports of the firing of a rocket from Lebanese territory toward Metula and keeping in mind Israeli worries of the flow of advanced weaponry from Syria to Hezbollah, the Home Front Command has called on citizens to actively participate in the exercise and enter protected spaces.

For the first time, the Home Front Command will be utilizing text messages, posts on social networks and broadcast networks to warn civilians to enter protected areas.

תרגיל פיקוד העורף. ארכיון (צילום: כיבוי אש חולון)

Search and rescue practice, archives – Photo: Holon Fire Department)

Additionally, beginning Monday, search and rescue forces of the IDF Home Front Command will train alongside police, Magen David Adom, fire fighters and local authorities. They will also simulate working in “collapsed buildings” in Nazareth and Jerusalem. According to the exercise scenarios, there will be ‘direct hits’ on the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Home Front Defense Minister Gilad Erdan urged citizens to actively participate in the drill and to define ahead of time the closest protected areas. “You must remember the real scenario of thousands of rockets falling on Israel from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, as the exercise will simulate. The Iron Dome system will not give full coverage,” said Arden.

Major-General Eyal Eisenberg, commander of Home Front Command also warned, “Weapons in the hands of our enemies are long-range, with large warheads weighing hundreds of kilograms. A campaign such as this on the Israeli home front has not been experienced before.”

The sirens scheduled to sound throughout the country will overlook one area of the Home Front Command – that bordering Gaza. Residents had threatened not to send their children to school if the sirens would be operated and it was decided to accept this demand.


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