Sudan says it foiled local spy-ring for Israel


According to a Sudanese reports, local informants gave Israel intel that facilitated in air-strike on Sudan in 2009 and again in 2012.



Sudan said Saturday night that it has arrested a ring of informants working on behalf of Israeli intelligence.

Sudan explosion

Fire engulfs Yarmouk ammunition factory in Khartoum October 24, 2012. – Photo: Reuters

According to local reports, the Sudanese agents provided Israel with information that facilitated a 2009 attack on a weapons convoy and an airstrike on an arms factory in Khartoum in October 2012.



The agents reportedly traveled in the past to Israel disguised as migrants.

A blast at Khartoum’s Yarmouk arms factory in October of 2012 drew attention to the accusations of Israeli military activity in Sudan. Khartoum said Israeli forces were behind the explosion.

Israel has not commented on the blast.

Israel accuses Sudan of channeling weapons from Iran to Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, via Egypt’s Sinai desert. Sudan denies the charge but often expresses sympathy for Hamas in its conflict with Israel.

Earlier this month, Israeli naval forces intercepted an Iranian arms vessel carrying medium-range missiles in the Red Sea, that was scheduled to stop at Sudanese port before heading to the Gaza Strip.


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