Surprise, surprise: A not anti-Israel NY Times op-ed


The NYT, which usually bashes Israel’s PM, had kind words in Friday’s op-ed for Benjamin Netanyahu, penning David Brooks: “Like Churchill, he is wisest when things are going wrong,” & “Bibi’s instincts have basically been proven correct.”

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  1. Francois says:

    Good article in NYT. If PM Netanyahu could, he would wave a magic wand and usher in a millennium of peace and justice. He is a good man with vision. I doubt that any good leader would be less cautious than he and be able to preserve what peace and prosperity Israel has. Patience is a good thing, but the Palestinians and their sympathizers worldwide are pushing it. Evil men are like rats. They go as far as they can to steal the cheese without springing the trap. As Churchill might say, “We shall never surrender the cheese.”

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