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#FakeNews NYT: Israel behind bombing of Iran’s uranium facility

Still depending on unnamed sources, the New York Times blames Israel for planting a powerful explosive device in a warehouse where Iranian state researchers worked on advanced nuclear centrifuges, destroying the facility.

By i24NEWS, Associated Press


Israel was behind Thursday’s bomb attack on the Iranian Natanz uranium enrichment facility, the New York Times reported Sunday.

The newspaper cited a Middle Eastern intelligence official as saying that Israel was able to plant a powerful explosive in a warehouse where researchers worked on advanced centrifuges.

The NYT also cited a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps with knowledge on the matter as confirming that Iranian investigators established that the blast had been caused by a bomb. Continue Reading »

Palestinian leader told NYT in 1966: ‘Refugees will remain refugees’

Then-chairman of the PLO in 1966 admitted their policy: Arab States will never absorb Palestinian refugees, and they will remain refugees, “If they try to leave. We [PLO] will stop them, by force if need be.”
– UNRWA has taken 10’s to 100’s of BILLION$ from the West for 70 years to maintain this refugee policy, growing their numbers exponentially to perpetrate the Arab conflict against the Jews.

By David Lazarus


The Arab states will not integrate the Palestine refugees because integration would be a slow process of liquidating the Palestine problem.

Ahmed Shukairy, then-chairman of the PLO
New York Times, April 4, 1966

That has been the clear and unapologetic policy of the PLO until this day, even under its guise as the Palestinian Authority. Continue Reading »

NYT Int’l posts anti-Semitic cartoon of Trump & Netanyahu

The International edition of the New York Times admits their caricature had antisemitic tropes and admits it was an ‘error of judgement’ to publish it. (… ya think?)



The New York Times International Edition ran a cartoon of an apparently blind US President Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke being led by a dog with a Star of David for a collar and with a face of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on April 25.

NYT antisemetic photo on article

The cartoon was part of its Opinion section and appeared next to a column by Thomas Friedman about immigration. Continue Reading »

NYT reports: Saudi peace plan favors Israel, issues ultimatum to Abbas

Among the numerous decisions that please Israel, the report also said the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince offered the PA despot Abbas a direct payment, and gave him two months to accept the conditions.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A November meeting between Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman included a discussion of a peace plan largely favoring Israel, The New York Times reported.

Israeli PM Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed ben Salmane with a very unhappy Palestinian autocrat, Mahmoud Abbas – Photos: Wikimedia

According to the Times’ report, bin Salman’s plan offers the PA noncontiguous parts of Judea and Samaria, with limited sovereignty and without eastern Jerusalem as its capital city. Continue Reading »

The NYT ‘works with’ terrorists, endangering us, so they can embarrass President Trump


In their aim to embarrass President Trump, which in turn has generated more profits than the pre-Trump era, The New York Times has engaged in Fake News, time after time, and facilitates ‘leaks’ that may endanger us all, even at the benefit and protection of the terrorists.

By Phillip Pasmanick


President Trump has been complaining about ‘Fake News’ ever since he was nominated, and Fox news has been complaining how all the ‘Fake News’ media is consistently using leaked information from unknown sources. Although the great majority of the leaked ‘Fake News’ stories turn out in time to be untrue, occasionally leaked information is publicized harming the national interests of the U.S. Continue Reading »

Israeli Deputy Minister all but calls NYT report of 6 Day War, ‘Fake News’


Israeli Deputy Minister Michael Oren, a historian and visiting professor at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown universities, totally rejects a New York Times report claiming Israel was prepared to detonate a nuclear bomb in 1967 if it had felt war was lost, saying, “There is not even half a hint that supports” such a claim.

By Arutz Sheva Staff and JTA


Deputy Minister Michael Oren (Kulanu), a former Israeli ambassador to the United States, on Sunday rejected a report in the New York Timeswhich claimed that Israel was prepared to detonate a nuclear bomb in the Sinai to turn the tide of the 1967 Six Day War with its Arab neighbors if necessary. Continue Reading »

Jimmy Carter pens op-ed in the NYT urging Obama, America Must Recognize Palestine


The former US president urges Obama to push for a one-sided UN Security Council resolution, rewarding the Palestinians for their entrenchment, while imposing harmful realities on Israel.



Former US president Jimmy Carter has called on the outgoing Obama administration to take steps toward recognizing a Palestinian state before leaving office in January.

Former U.S. President Carter gives a hug to his friend, Hamas terror-leader, Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2009

The 39th US president made the call in an op-ed published Monday in the New York Times under the title “America Must Recognize Palestine.”

“We do not yet know the policy of the next administration toward Israel and Palestine, but we do know that the current administration is keen on achieving a two state solution,” Carter wrote. Continue Reading »

A Facebook request connects Israeli charity with Afghan toddler with heart defect


Having depleted their small savings of $200 on medical bills, Zaheer’s Facebook friend contacted the Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart, since the surgery would have cost the family living in Pakistan $7000.

By i24news


A 14-month old Afghan boy named Yehia arrived in Israel late last month to receive lifesaving heart surgery, a happy ending to a long journey that started with a Facebook message, The New York Times reports.

Surgeons – File photo: AFP

The surgery would have cost the family now living in Peshawar, Pakistan $7,000, but the Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), who focuses on helping children with heart disease in under-developed countries where they cannot receive adequate care, stepped in to help. Continue Reading »

To Combat Media Bias Blogger Raises Cash To Post Israel’s Story in NY Times




NEW YORK, NY – As the wave of terror in Israel continues to make international headlines, social media has been flooded with angry posts by Jewish and Israeli people from around the world complaining about the foreign outlets’ coverage of events. For some it is too minimal, for others, it it too biased against Israel.

Elad Nehorai, who runs the Jewish blog Pop Chassid out of Brooklyn in New York, has felt very frustrated following the US media. Continue Reading »

Former NYT Editor Nabbed By Israeli Spokesman in Publicizing Blatant Lie Against Israel

view videoWATCH: After Jewish ex-editor of NYT made outrageous claims against Israel, Yitzhar spokesperson films West Bank Arab village to see the alleged ‘Palestinian carts & dirt roads.’

By Avi Chaim


Ezri Tubi, spokesperson for the Samaria community of Yitzhar, released a video on Wednesday debunking the claims of Robert Cohen, a former editor of the New York Times who happens to be Jewish.

Robert Cohen, a former editor of the New York Times – Screenshot

Cohen claimed that Palestinian Arabs ride around in “donkey carts” on “dirt roads” to their orchards, while Jews ride in fancy cars on modern highways nearby – so Tubi drove through the Arab village of Huwara located near his home to test the ex-editor’s claims. Continue Reading »

New York Times features Israel as world’s desalination giant

Prominently unfriendly newspaper on Israeli politics runs extensive feature detailing Israel’s history from a country critically dependent on rainwater to a desalination superpower.
• Israel leads the world in recycling domestic wastewater by treating 86% for agricultural use.

By Erez Linn


The front page story of The New York Times on Saturday hailed Israel and its government for its technologically advanced water desalination system.

The New York Times’ front page

The newspaper displayed an extensive piece alongside a large picture, which tells the story of Israel’s path from a country critically dependent on rain water to a desalination superpower.

“A major national effort to desalinate Mediterranean seawater and recycle wastewater has provided the country with enough water for all its needs, even during severe droughts. Continue Reading »

Surprise, surprise: A not anti-Israel NY Times op-ed


The NYT, which usually bashes Israel’s PM, had kind words in Friday’s op-ed for Benjamin Netanyahu, penning David Brooks: “Like Churchill, he is wisest when things are going wrong,” & “Bibi’s instincts have basically been proven correct.”

Continue Reading »

Sheldon Adelson: Palestinians are fictitious nation made-up only to destroy Israel

At the 1st conference of Israeli-American Council, casino mogul suggested he and Israeli billionaire Haim Saban should buy The New York Times together in an effort to bring more balance & objectivity to its  anti-Israel coverage.



Billionaire casino mogul and conservative donor Sheldon Adelson said Sunday that the Palestinians are a made-up nation which exists solely to attempt to destroy Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson, left, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. – Photo: Tess Scheflan

“The purpose of the existence of Palestinians is to destroy Israel,” Adelson said Sunday at the close of the first conference of the Israeli-American Council, a Los Angeles-based group aimed at serving Israeli Americans and supporting Israel.

Continue Reading »

NY Times Cited Again for Journalistic Manipulation, This Time in Infant’s Terror Murder

NYT cited again for anti-Israel bias, this time for diminishing any Palestinian culpability of infant’s murder, using pejorative labels for Israelis, and omitting a multitude of incriminating details that unbiased media outlets would have reported.

By Hillel Fendel


The CAMERA media watchdog group has mounted a frontal assault on a New York Times article yet again – this time regarding biased coverage of the Palestinian terror attack in which an infant was killed.

At issue is the Times story reporting on last week’s Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem that killed a 3-month-old infant and wounded eight other Israelis. “But instead of presenting the rather clear-cut events in an objective, straightforward manner,” writes CAMERA, “reporter Isabel Kershner quickly redirected readers away from the facts of Palestinian violence to focus instead on Israel’s alleged misdeeds.” Continue Reading »

NYT calls on White House to drop peace efforts

New York Times reports how Obama & Kerry should ‘move on & devote their attention to other major int’l challenges like the Ukraine.’


U.S. President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should drop their Middle East peace efforts and “move on and devote their attention to other major international challenges like Ukraine,” the New York Times wrote in an editorial on Tuesday.

Kerry and Lieberman

Kerry, right, with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Washington last week. – Photo: AFP

Instead of continuing to promote peace negotiations, the paper wrote, the United States should “lay down the principles it believes must undergird a two-state solution, should Israelis and Palestinians ever decide to make peace.” Continue Reading »