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Israel launches 3D Bio-Printing of cells, tissues, organs

Researchers at Israel’s Institute of Technology, the Haifa based Technion, are developing complex & precise artificial cells, tissues and organs to aid treatment in all areas of regenerative medicine.

By Naama Barak


The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology recently launched a center for the printing of cells, tissues and organs, where 3D scaffolds and cells that grow into tissue are constructed to aid treatment in all areas of regenerative medicine.

Three-dimensional printing of tissue helps researchers develop complex and precise artificial tissues that improve their integration in target organs. This involves the creation of tissue containing a developed system of blood vessels that quickly connect to patients’ own blood vessels. Continue Reading »

Israeli firm files patent application for 3-D “biological ink” for organ printing


CollPlant’s bio-ink enables the 3-D printing of tissue and organs, with the aim of providing a solution to the significant need of life saving organs.



The Israeli regenerative medicine company CollPlant has filed a US  to be used in the three-dimensional printing of tissues and organs.

CollPlant’s patent application refers to formulations of bio-ink based on the firm’s rhCollagen (recombinant type 1 human collage), a plant-based technology that mimics human collagen – the main structural protein in connective tissues. By filing the patent, the Ness Ziona-based company expressed hopes of establishing its position as a leader in three-dimensional biological printing and of forming partnerships in the field of organ printing. Continue Reading »

Television crew sneaks 3D printed gun within inches of Israel’s PM

Israel’s Channel 10 report shows how easily Knesset security can be compromised with 3D printing technology as television crew printed plastic gun then snuck it into the Knesset undetected.

By Ynet



How difficult is it to assassinate a prime minister within the highly-secured Knesset compound? Not too difficult, it appears, as new technology enables one to sneak inside with a 3D-printed hand-gun.

The gun Photo: Channel 10

The gun – Photo: Channel 10

A Channel 10 camera crew tested the theory – and managed to walk in to the Knesset twice, carrying a plastic pistol printed according to easily downloadable blueprints.

The problem of “printed weapons” surfaced about two months ago, when Cody Wilson, a 25-year-old student from Texas, designed the first functional hand-gun to be printed, nearly in full, by a 3d printer. Continue Reading »