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Report: Unannounced Armed US Consulate Staff Pointed Weapons at Adei Ad Residents

Blunder or planned provocation? Contrary to American statement, Israel security personnel says ‘no question’, US Consulate staff pointed their weapons at Adei Ad residents during Friday’s ‘confrontation’.

By Ari Soffer


The full details of Friday’s clash between residents of the Jewish village of Adei Ad in Samaria and a delegation from the US Consulate in Jerusalem – which very nearly escalated into a fully-fledged shootout between the sides – are still emerging.

But those details which have emerged so far paint a worrying picture regarding the conduct of Consulate staff – who either willingly took part in a planned provocation, or else, in a staggering show of irresponsibility and unprofessionalism, recklessly blundered into a volatile and potentially deadly situation without the slightest idea of what they were doing.

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