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Significant Oil Deposit Verified by 3rd Site in Israel’s Golan Heights


According to estimates, the potential production will be in the billions of barrels, and since the Jewish State consumes about 100 million barrels of oil per year, Israel will be self-sufficient for many, many years.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A giant oil deposit has been found in the southern Golan Heights and estimates are that the amount of oil found will suffice to make Israel self sufficient for many years to come.


Globes quoted Afek Oil and Gas Chief Geologist Dr. Yuval Bartov as saying, “We are talking about a stratum which is 350 meters thick, and what is important is the thickness and the porosity.” Continue Reading »

“Black Gold” Found in Golan Heights, With Requests to Drill Additional Wells


After finding evidence of large crude oil reservoir in Israel’s Golan Heights, Afek Oil & Gas requested an extension of its exploration license to add additional wells in the area.

By Amir Ben-David


An oil reservoir has been discovered in the Golan Heights, Israeli energy company Afek officially revealed on Monday.

The company, which previously only hunted at the discovery, on Monday requested permission to drill additional wells in the area.

Afek oil well in the Golan Heights – Photo: Picasa

“Initial findings from the drilling confirm the discovery of an oil reservoir in the Golan and further justifies continuing the exploration program,” said the request. Continue Reading »

Signs of oil on Israel’s Golan Heights Reports Drilling Firm From Exploration Site

As ‘Green Groups’ continue to protest, Afek seeks additional permits to advance to next stage of exploration, if reports of “promising findings” from target layer, is accurate. But it is too soon to know whether the material found relates to crude oil, gas, or oil shale.

By Hezi Sternlicht


Israel’s energy industry continues to bubble: A mere two days after the sudden resignation of Antitrust Authority head David Gilo, reports by the Jini energy exploration company, which has been contracted by the Afek company to conduct its exploratory oil drilling on the Golan Heights indicate that the company has promising findings from the target layer.
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With High Court Approval, Preparations Underway at Golan Heights Oil Drilling Site


The Afek Oil and Gas project in the Golan Heights, involves 3 years of exploration for conventional oil using up to 10 wells.



Preparatory work began at a Golan Heights exploratory oil drilling site on Tuesday morning – advancing a project that was temporarily delayed by environmental opposition.

Oil drilling site on the Golan Heights. – Photo: AFEK OIL AND GAS

The project, which is being conducted by Afek Oil and Gas, involves three years of exploration for conventional oil using up to 10 wells. While the company has held a license for the project for the past 20 months, petitions against the activities put the plans on hold since September. Continue Reading »