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Israel & PA Renew Agricultural Accords After 13 Year Delay

The agricultural cooperation will help reduce regional tensions, by creating economic committees & workshops for PA farmers etc, that are good for both sides.

By Maayana Miskin


Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to renew the agricultural accords that were in place prior to the outbreak of the “Second Intifada” terror war in 2000.

Agricultural officials from both sides met and agreed to establish a regional center for economic and agricultural cooperation.

The initiative aims to improve food quality for the PA population, and to assist both Israel and the PA in fighting crop disease and infestation, both of which can easily cross man-made borders. Continue Reading »

More agricultural research from Israel


Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization focuses on how to keep food fresher longer & to make it better.

By Linda Gradstein, The Media Line

Strange things are happening at the Volcani Center in a Tel Aviv suburb. Potatoes sprayed with spearmint oil are not sprouting for months, Granny Smith apples deprived of oxygen stay fresh for over a year, and cows are eating less grain and producing more milk.


Granny Smith apples deprived of oxygen stay fresh for over a year – Photo courtesy: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

These are just a few projects at the Agricultural Research Organization, the research arm of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture which houses six separate research institutes. Continue Reading »

Indian student builds innovative orphanage applying Israeli agricultural techniques


Indian Student comes to Israel studies farming methods used in Kibbutzim, to improve Indian orphanage that tends to impoverish children.



For 33-year-old Joshua Godfrey, studying the farming models of Israel’s kibbutzim firsthand has provided the framework he needs to open a permaculture orphanage back home – on the outskirts of Chennai, southeastern India.

JOSHUA GODFREY – Photo: Courtesy

“I am developing a project where I could demonstrate that permanent agriculture could support orphan female children and elderly women,” Godfrey told The Jerusalem Post during a recent interview in Tel Aviv. “The concept is to bring the two communities together to tailor them as a single-parent family.”

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Israelis go Combat Desertification, Helping African Deserts Bloom


Israeli students went to Africa to apply Israeli advancements in agricultural technology to combat desertification toward a solution for global hunger.

By Princella D. Smith


Despite Israel’s semiarid climate, Israel’s agricultural industry has advanced enough to prevent its desertification, which is defined as the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture.

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Locusts diverge on Israel, but are stopped dead in their tracks

Israeli authorities immediately began blanketing the entire region with pesticides, both from the air and on the ground.

Experts predict that shifting winds in the coming days will push the swarm toward Saudi Arabia.

By Israel Today Staff


A 1-million strong swarm of locusts that broke away from the plague-sized multitude that continues to attack northern Egypt invaded Israel on Tuesday, only to be stopped in its tracks a day later.

Locusts invade Israel, are stopped in their tracks

Locusts invade Israel, are stopped in their tracks – Israel Today

The locusts crossed the Sinai Peninsula into southern Israel overnight Monday. By Wednesday morning it had reached the northern Negev region, blotting out the sky in many areas. Continue Reading »

Farmers from Gaza invited to Israel Agriculture Expo

If things are calm on the security front, there is no reason not to boost agricultural and economical ties.

By Israel Today Staff


In yet another piece of news contradicting claims that Israel “has it out” for the Palestinians, some 30 farmers from the Gaza Strip were invited to attend an agricultural expo in southern Israel earlier this month.

Palestinian farmer – Photo by Israel Today“Agriculture knows no borders,” Uri Madar from the agriculture department at Israel’s District Coordination Office told the Ynet news portal. “If things are calm on the security front, there is no reason not to boost agricultural and economical ties.”

Ahmed Shafi, the head of the Gaza City Agricultural Association, also refuted accusations that Israel is imposing a blanket siege against Gaza with the aim of crippling its economy. Continue Reading »

Navajo president, 1st lady visit Israel on agricultural/tourism mission

President Shelly’s visit to Israel is to draw inspiration from Israeli methods in tourism, agriculture technology, capital infrastructure  & providing gov’t services to their rural areas.



Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and his wife, Martha, are in Israel for a week to learn about issues ranging from agriculture to tourism.

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly - Source: Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly – Source: Navajo Nation

“We set on this mission to look at how Israel has advanced in growth in some of the same areas we face on the Navajo Nation,” Shelly said in a statement upon his arrival in Israel on Dec. Continue Reading »

BT9 Keeps Produce From Perishing During Transport

Customers can also log into a personalized BT9 web portal and track their shipments in real time to receive information.


Cold chain is not the name of an alternative rock band. Rather, a cold chain is a term that describes an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range for perishable products. The products include meat, dairy, produce, and pharmaceuticals.

Technology News - BT9: Keeping Perishables From Perishing - Photo: William Couch

Technology News – BT9: Keeping Perishables From Perishing – Photo: William Couch

Shipping perishables is no easy task, and often, items are spoiled. New Israeli company BT9 is an end-to-end cold chain management (CCM) solutions provider that gives its customers, the producers of perishables, the information they need to better protect their products during shipment and transportation. Continue Reading »

Global Warming Targets Arab Countries

World Bank reports that global warming could devastate Middle East farming & tourism.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Global warming could devastate Middle East farming and tourism, without any distinction between Arabs and Jews, according to a World Bank report issued Wednesday.

Northern Dead Sea

Northern Dead Sea – Israel news photo: Hana Levi Julian

Average temperatures in the region are likely to rise by as much as three degrees Celsius (5.4 Fahrenheit) by 2050 — and double that for night-time temperatures, said the report released at UN climate talks in Doha.

Strangely, Israel was not mentioned in AFP coverage of the report and in several World Bank comments. Continue Reading »

Israel’s solar-powered desert oasis confronts world hunger


The best of Israel’s clean-tech & agri-tech  innovations are combined into a new ‘oasis’ system that could feed millions of desert-dwellers.


Growing the most crop per drop of water is an Israeli specialty. With little rain and a hot desert sun as unforgiving as the Sahara, Israel’s high-tech researchers and farmers have combined their expertise to grow a cornucopia of salt-tolerant crops in dry desert conditions. People from hungry countries far and wide come to learn from Israel’s expertise.

These crops are being grown with solar-energy desalinated water.

These crops are being grown with solar-energy desalinated water.

Now, a new research project by two desert research institutes has strung several Israeli agriculture and clean-tech specialties together to help alleviate world hunger and push back the desert through an artificial desert oasis using low-cost desalination technology that runs on solar power. Continue Reading »

The surprising source of Israel’s edible exports

Once a barren strip of desert, the Arava today has some 600 farms supplying more than 60 percent of Israel’s exports of fresh vegetables and 10% of ornamentals

Peppers growing in the Arava. Photo by Eyal IzharPeppers growing in the Arava. Photo by Eyal Izhar

How many peppers can Peter Piper pick? Well, if the protagonist in the old tongue twister were picking them in Israel’s Arava Desert, the surprising answer is about 150,000 tons.

Once a deserted 112-mile strip of land stretching from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, the Arava now has some 600 farms supplying more than 60 percent of total Israeli exports of fresh vegetables and about 10% of ornamentals. Continue Reading »

Warning: The wheat’s too warm

An Israeli evolutionary biologist finds hard evidence of global warming in the changes he’s found in wheat and barley plants.

Will global warming put an end to your morning bowl of Wheaties? An evolutionary biology researcher in Israel thinks there’s cause for concern.

The 28-year comparative study he conducted and published with colleagues shows that wild emmer wheat and wild barley — the progenitors of the staple crops for humans and animals across the world — have undergone worrying changes caused by global warming.

Prof. Eviatar (Eibi) Nevo, founder of the University of Haifa’s Institute of Evolution and director of its International Graduate Center of Evolution, warns that these changes put at risk the continued improvement and production of cereal grains because of genetic deterioration and increased susceptibility to environmental stresses. Continue Reading »