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Israel buys 71 armored buses to protect civilians against Palestinian terrorists

Government finances a fleet of 71 bulletproof buses to protect citizens on bus routes traveling in the West Bank that are targeted by Palestinian terrorists.

By Udi Etzion & Gad Lior


Israel recently requested from the Merkavim factory 71 bullet resistant vehicles for a total amount of NIS 106 million, due to the continued wave of terrorism in the West Bank and renewed shooting attacks. This is the largest transaction for the purchase of bullet-resistant buses ever in Israel.

Mars Defender model  buses were requested by Egged and all other transportation companies of the regional councils in the West Bank, where the Defense Ministry participates in financing the cost for the extra protection. Continue Reading »

German intelligence: Germany needs to follow Israel’s lead in fighting terror


Germany’s internal intelligence chief said the day after cancellation of a soccer match because of suspected bomb, ‘We can’t surrender to terrorism,’ Germany needs to respond to terror like Israel.

By Ynet & news agencies


Germany needs to respond to terror like Israel and the United States do, the head of Germany’s internal intelligence service (BfV), Hans-Georg Maassen, said Wednesday morning.

The evacuated stadium in Hanover, Germany. – Photo: EPA

Maassen said Germany must not surrender to ISIS’s terrorism. He noted that in Israel, soccer matches and concerts go on despite threats of terrorism. Maassen spoke a day after a soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled due to a suspected bomb.

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PA Panics, Files Another ‘Desperate’ Writ to Postpone Terror Trial – Again

Palestinian Authority legal team tries once again to stall January court date on $1 billion terror lawsuit in NY Circuit Court.

Israel Law Center: ‘Families of victims deserve their day in court.’ 

By Ari Yashar


After losing a landmark decision on November 20 allowing them to be tried for terrorism charges in a $1 billion case, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have now filed a very rare appeal to the Second Circuit of courts trying to squash the case.

Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) is leading the legal charge against the PA and PLO.
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IDF Camouflage Creates ‘Disappearing Soldiers’

The IDF has re-defined the term “disappearing soldiers,” who are being trained to blend in with the environment to avoid enemy detection.

The term “disappearing soldiers” usually spreads fear among Israelis, worried about kidnappings, but the Second Lebanon War taught army commanders to re-define the term for a positive use by camouflaging soldiers.

The concept of camouflaged clothing is not new, but soldiers at the military anti-terror school now are being taught how to use nature to help protect themselves.

'Disappearing soldier'

'Disappearing soldier' - Israel news photo: IDF BaMahane magazine

A three-week course teaches combat units the art of camouflage and how to turn trees and stones in the battlefield into hiding spots, how to spot the perfect tree and how to pay attention to the most minute detail. Continue Reading »