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IDF court: Arab terrorist to pay damages to terror victims’ family NIS 3.3m ($825K)

Palmers were ambushed in 2011 by rock throwing duo causing car accident, resulting in deaths of father & son.



A three-judge panel of the IDF’s Judea Military Court granted approximately NIS 3.3 million in punitive damages on Tuesday to the family of Asher and Yonatan Palmer, victims of a 2011 terror attack by Ali Saada and Waal al-Arjeh.

Asher Palmer

Ali Saada, along with Waal al-Arjeh, killed Asher Palmer and his baby son Yonatan in 2011 by throwing rocks at their vehicle. – Photo COURTESY: KIRYAT ARBA LOCAL COUNCIL

Despite the unanimous ruling to grant at least some symbolic damages to the family, though, the judges were split 2-1 about granting such a massive punitive compensatory damage award, with judges Amir Dahan and Steve Berman voting in favor and judge Ze’ev Afik voting for a lower amount. Continue Reading »