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Israel’s airport security may require ‘suspicious tourists’ to open email accounts


Israel’s Attorney-general: Increasing threat from foreign ‘tourists’ exploited for terrorism 

Shin Bet security agents have legal grounds to demand access to email in exceptional cases where incriminating evidence may connect the ‘tourist’ to activities that threaten Israel’s national security.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Foreign citizens visiting Israel may be asked to open their email accounts for airport security when they land at Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Attorney-General’s Office stated Wednesday in response to a petition by a leading Israeli civil rights group.

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New ‘Bill of Rights’ for Ben-Gurion Passengers Inconvenienced by Airlines.

Airline carriers & charter operators flying out of Ben-Gurion had better get their act together, or it’s going to cost them big-time.


Beginning Thursday, travelers flying out of Israel are likelier to have a better chance of taking off on time – otherwise, the airline they are flying on will have to compensate them, or perhaps even give them a refund or pay them for the waiting time. The new sanctions on airlines are part of the Airline Passenger Rights law, which comes into effect Thursday.

The law applies to scheduled airline flights as well as charter flights, and was prompted after scenes several summers ago of Israelis stuck in Ben Gurion Airport for hours or even days as they waited for their charter companies to fill flights or negotiate better deals with the carriers they were renting planes from. Continue Reading »