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Quick Entry Into Israel Using Biometric Passport Stands at Ben-Gurion Airport

Goodbye, long lines: 17 Biometric Passport Stands at Israel’s largest airport to motivate citizens to change their current ID system over to biometric.

By Tova Dvorin


Israel took another step toward biometric identification on Wednesday, introducing 17 biometric passport stands to the Passport Control section of Ben-Gurion airport, according to Channel 10.

Interior Minister Silvan Shalom (Likud) uses new biometric passport system – Screenshot

Four stations already were in place as part of a pilot study for the program, which waives the long lines at Passport Control and allows Israelis and tourists to pass instead via a facial recognition system. Continue Reading »

Former Minister Eitan: Don’t Participate in Biometric Database

The biometric database isn’t yet mandatory, so don’t become the gov’t’s ‘guinea pigs’, there is no need to rush & volunteer to join it, says the former minister.

By David Lev


Beginning Monday, the new biometric database system goes into effect in test areas, with the first set to be Rishon Lezion. The system is planned to eventually replace identity cards, and will be mandatory, but for now, the system is voluntary. Residents of Rishon Lezion can register with the biometric database, with the information used to grant them access to government offices and other facilities where presenting an ID card is usually necessary. Continue Reading »

Amid opposition & hacking fears, National Biometric Database is launched

Knesset approves use of national biometric identification database for a trial period of 2 years.

Volunteers can submit their face scans & fingerprints to receive “smart” passports and/or identification cards

Knesset opposition leader Yachimovich warns: All databases can be hacked.

By Gideon Allon


The Knesset approved the launch of a national biometric identification system on Wednesday, which will be tested at the beginning of 2013. The decision to begin using the system was made by a joint committee comprising the Science and Technology Committee, Internal Affairs and Environment Committee and Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

The biometric database trial is launched.

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