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Israeli Startup Developed Biodegradable Plastics That’s 100% Compostable

Founded in 2010 by Daphna Nissenbaum and Tal Neuman, their Israeli startup TIPA from central Israel has developed durable plastic-like bags & packaging from natural materials that breaks down after use and can even be used for compost in your garden.

By Israel Today Staff


Looking for a way to replace the plastic used for food and beverage packaging, which make up two-thirds of the world’s plastic waste, scientists at TIPA have developed a material with plastic-like durability, flexibility and transparency, but, unlike plastics, it is 100% compostable.

The startup says that its technology is inspired by nature. Like the skin of an orange that perfectly protects the fruit inside and once discarded decomposes. Continue Reading »

Israel’s next step: Making the desert bloom again… with Biotechnology

Advancing the very creativity and pioneering spirit cited by Ben-Gurion, the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev is flourishing in Beersheba.



Looking out from his modest home at Kibbutz Sde Boker, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, longed “to make the desert bloom.”

Not just a man of vision and Zionist ideals, but also a pioneer and man of his word, Ben-Gurion returned to settle in the desert after retiring from public life, and spent his last years there until his death in 1973.

“It is in the Negev where the creativity and pioneering vigor of Israel shall be tested,” the Polish-born premier famously said. Continue Reading »