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Tunisia must grant Israeli chess prodigy visa or won’t host World Chess match

FIDE secretary Polina Tsedenova said the World Chess Federation will forbid Tunisia from hosting the international chess competition for kids, should they still refuse a visa to the 7 yr-old European School Individual Chess champion, an Israeli.



Tunisia, which is currently scheduled to host the 2019 World Schools Chess Championship, could have its hosting privilege revoked if the country refuses to grant a visa to a seven-year-old Israeli girl.

The country, which has no diplomatic ties with Israel, does not permit Israelis to enter its borders, and is refusing to make an exception for Liel Levitan, the European School Individual Chess champion in her age group, for the upcoming World Chess Federation (FIDE) tournament. Continue Reading »

Sudan’s Chess King Resigns After Match Against Israeli


Sudan’s top player & president of the Sudanese Chess Association resigns his position following a match against an Israeli opponent. 

By Ben Ariel


The president of the Sudanese Chess Association (SCA) tendered his resignation on Sunday following a game of chess that took place against an Israeli player at the World Youth Chess Championships in South Africa, reports the Sudan Tribune.

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The president, Tariq Zaroog, said that he as an administrator of the top chess body in the country is stepping down and offered his apologies to the Palestinian and Sudanese people, according to the report. Continue Reading »

Defeated Israeli chess master discovers a new, powerful fan

Boris Gelfand claims he was unaware of ‘extend of interest in the match in Israel;’ hopes coverage will generate momentum for Israeli chess.

MOSCOW – Boris Gelfand said on Thursday that he hadn’t really been aware of the stir he was causing in Israel during the World Chess Championship, but now that he knows, he considers it a “huge thing” – both for him and for chess in this country.

In an interview with Haaretz, Gelfand was asked how he felt suddenly being a household name in Israel. “I wasn’t completely aware of the extent of the interest in the match in Israel,” he said. Continue Reading »

Israeli chess master’s tenth match in bid for world championship ends in draw

Championship will be decided in rapid games said to be Anand’s strength.

MOSCOW – Defending champion Viswanathan Anand forced challenger Boris Gelfand to think more deeply on Monday than during the previous 11 games, but the Israeli came up with a brilliant move that forced a 10th draw and sent the match into a tiebreaker.

The two grandmasters will now play four rounds of rapid chess, in which each player gets 25 minutes to make his moves, plus 10 extra seconds for every move. If that round doesn’t decide a winner, the pair will face off in several rounds of blitz chess – five minutes plus three extra seconds per move.

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