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First Temple Era Pottery Found in City of David

The archaeologists who discovered the pottery shards with writing dating back 2,700 years say the find sheds more light on life in Jerusalem during the period of the First Temple.

By Shlomo Pyutrokovski


Archaeologists working in the Mayan Gihon area in the City of David in Jerusalem have discovered many ancient artifacts, including pottery shards, clay candle holders, and figurines dating back to the times of the First and Second Temples.

The pottery shard – Courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority

One recently discovered item has aroused particular interest: a pottery shard dating back to the First Temple period that includes part of a phrase etched into its rim. Continue Reading »

City of David Jewely: Ancient fashion comes alive with beautiful replicas

Israeli Models in the the City of David display exquisite replicas of the ancient jewelry discovered there.



Models in the the City of David flaunted replicas of ancient jewelry discovered there.

A replica of an ancient ring found in Jerusalem. - Shushi Beinish

A replica of an ancient ring found in Jerusalem. – Shushi Beinish

Situated deep below ground in the Arab village of Silwan outside the Old City’s Dung Gate, the City of David holds the remains of the once-grand citadel where a dynasty of Judean kings once ruled.

City of David jewelry – earrings – Photo: Shushi Beinish


The City of David is believed to be where King David laid the foundations for the city of Jerusalem around 1000 BC. Continue Reading »