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Palestinians trying to establish fifth mosque on Temple Mount

When then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan yielded operational control over the dilapidated Temple Mount (following the 1967 Six Day War) to Jordan, there was but one mosque, Al-Aqsa. Now Jordan’s Islamic Trust seeks to defy Israeli law and open the 5th mosque, contrary to their own demands on maintaining the status quo.

By Tsvi Sadan


The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court has ordered the state to immediately shut the Bab el-Rahmastructure that is facing the Golden Gate, or Gate of Mercy. A month ago, the Islamic Trust (Waqf) that oversees the Temple Mount decided to reopen the structure and turn it into yet another mosque, the fifth atop Judaism’s holiest site. Continue Reading »

Waqf guards arrested on Temple Mount after assault on religious Jewish cop

Official for Abbas’ PA says Israel to blame for a skirmish on the Temple Mount in which violent Waqf guards attempted to remove the kippah from a religious Jewish police officer’s head by force.

By Dalit Halevi


Najah Bakirat, who heads the Al-Aqsa Academy for Waqf and Islamic heritage, on Monday blamed Israel for an incident of violence by Waqf guards that led to the closing of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.

The incident took place when an Israeli officer wearing a kippah entered the Dome of the Rock mosque and was ordered to remove his kippah. Continue Reading »

Archaeologists reveal early Muslims called Dome of the Rock by a Hebrew name of the Jewish Temple



1000 yr-old inscription discovered at a mosque outside Hebron calls Dome of the Rock “Bait al-Maqdess,” an Arabicized version of “Beit Hamikdash,” the Hebrew name for the Temple, proving Jewish ties to the Temple Mount
• Archaeologist: There’s plenty of evidence proving early Islam was influenced by Judaism.

By Yori Yalon


A 1,000-year-old early Muslim inscription provides yet more crucial proof of Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

Entry to the Dome of the Rock, on the Temple Mount - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Entry to the Dome of the Rock, on the Temple Mount – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

At a conference on Thursday, archaeologists Assaf Avraham and Perez Reuven presented an ancient Muslim inscription that refers to the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount as “Bait al-Maqdess,” an Arabicized version of the Hebrew words for the Temple, Beit Hamikdash. Continue Reading »

Arabs Replacing Carpet at Dome of the Rock Quickly Cover Millennium Old Mosaic Tiles

Remodeling at Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa sparks verbal ‘holy war’ as Israel’s gov’t authorities plead that the work be halted because it could cause irreparable damage, while Jordan’s Waqf officials forbid Jewish involvement.

By The Associated Press


It began as a routine remodeling project: Muslim authorities replacing an old carpet worn thin by masses of worshippers at the Dome of the Rock, the iconic, gold-topped shrine that overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem.

Workers place carpets over ancient floor designs in the cave under the Dome of the Rock shrine – Photo: AP

But there is no such thing as routine remodeling when it comes to the most contested piece of real estate in Jerusalem, where the presence of a mere screwdriver can threaten to ignite religious tensions. Continue Reading »