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US St. Dept. changes policy: Passports now list born in Jerusalem as Israel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced termination of long-standing American foreign policy of not identifying an American born in Jerusalem as ‘Born in Israel’ in US Passport.

By Gary Willig


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Thursday that ‘Israel’ will be permitted to be listed on the passports of citizens born in Jerusalem, reversing decades of US policy.

Until now, US passport holders born in Jerusalem could not list their country of birth as Israel even if they were born in western Jerusalem due to US policy that the status of Jerusalem was to be determined in negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. Continue Reading »

Should Israel Intercede in Regional Conflicts?

An Israeli Professor says the Jewish State’s involvement in global affairs was consumed by fighting for its survival, but the precedent of saving Jews was always first.

By Gedalyah Reback


Should Israel expand its power? It is not an easy question to ask or an easy expectation to bear. Israel is a small country that has seen it as an imperative to punch above its weight and maintain a qualitative strategic edge against its enemies. But as the country has prioritized self-preservation since its independence, the challenges are great and at times seemingly overwhelming.

While the rise of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt may have somewhat changed things, Israel could have been said to have rivals in Cairo, Ankara and Tehran all at the same time before Sisi took power.

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