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Australia, UK refuse to sign Paris Conference closing statement


London prevents the EU Foreign Affairs Council’s adoption of Obama/Kerry’s supported Paris conference closing memorandum.




Britain prevented the European Union Foreign Affairs Council from adopting the closing statement from the Paris peace conference.

Britain’s action, reported by Haaretz citing European and Israeli diplomats, comes a day after Britain refused to sign the closing statement at the peace conference in Paris. Britain had sent a low-level diplomat to the conference as an observer to indicate its displeasure with the proceedings.

In the face of Obama’s actions at the UNSC last week, Israel has a new set of ‘protectors’ from the built-in anti-Israel bias: UK’s PM May – US’s Trump – Australia’s PM Turnbull

Australia also distanced itself from the closing statement and did not sign it. Continue Reading »

Brits snubbed yesterday’s untimely Paris conference, sending low level diplomats


The Foreign Office spokesman said that Britain attended the conference only as an observer due to the lack of representatives from Israel or the PA and it taking place “just days before the transition to a new American president.”

By Gary Willig


Ambassadors and high-ranking diplomats from over 70 countries descended on Paris Sunday to participate in the peace conference supporting the two-state solution, except from nearby Britain, which only sent a delegation of junior diplomats, The Guardian reported.

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According to The Guardian, Britain’s ‘snub’ of the Paris conference signaled its desire to maintain close relations with the incoming Trump Administration. Continue Reading »

French MP Meyer Habib: “The Paris conference proves we have lost all shame”

“The drafts of this conference’s conclusion, which were leaked by the media, leave no room to doubt the organizers’ intentions… There’s not a word mentioned about the Palestinian Authority’s resistance to peace, or about Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish country with any kind of borders. Not a word is mentioned about Hamas’ intent to destroy Israel, and not a word is mentioned about the PA and Hamas’ constant incitement to terror or glorification of terrorists.”

By Nitsan Keidar


French Member of Parliament (MP) Meyer Habib spoke about Sunday’s scheduled Paris conference.

“We’re talking about a pitiful and unproductive initiative.

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