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WATCH: British PM May rejects PA demand to apologize for Balfour Declaration

British Prime Minister May, “So when some people (Palestinian leader Abbas) suggest we should apologize for this letter, I say absolutely not!”
– Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu thanks Britain for ‘paving the way’ for Israel’s rebirth.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday ruled out the idea that Britain would apologize for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which proclaimed Britain’s support for the establishment of a Jewish national home in then-Palestine.

Speaking at a celebratory dinner to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in London, May said that that the British government was proud to support Israel. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu: Israel and UK ‘see eye to eye’ on Iranian nuclear threat


Visiting Great Britain, Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu and British PM Theresa May discuss full range of regional and security issues.
• PM Netanyahu asks PM May to end British funding of radical anti-Israel NGOs.
• PM May invites PM Netanyahu to return to the UK and participate in upcoming Balfour Declaration centennial event.

By Shlomo Cesana


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with British Prime Minister Theresa May for the first time in London on Monday, and the two leaders discussed three central topics: Iranian aggression, the Palestinian issue and the economy.

Netanyahu said he supports additional limitations on the Iranian nuclear deal’s expiration clause. Continue Reading »

UK PM Theresa May censures Muslim states for prohibiting entry by Israelis


WATCH: During a session in the House of Commons Wednesday, the British PM denounced the ‘discriminatory’ prohibition against the entry of Jewish Israelis by 16 Muslim countries, that has been ongoing for decades.

By Yoel Domb


Donald Trump’s controversial ban on the entry to the US of citizens of seven Muslim countries has also drawn attention to a less known prohibition instituted by 16 Muslim countries against the entry of Israeli citizens into their territory. The issue reached the British parliament on Wednesday, where British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the discrimination against Israelis and called on Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn to join her in denouncing the discrimination. Continue Reading »

Australia, UK refuse to sign Paris Conference closing statement


London prevents the EU Foreign Affairs Council’s adoption of Obama/Kerry’s supported Paris conference closing memorandum.




Britain prevented the European Union Foreign Affairs Council from adopting the closing statement from the Paris peace conference.

Britain’s action, reported by Haaretz citing European and Israeli diplomats, comes a day after Britain refused to sign the closing statement at the peace conference in Paris. Britain had sent a low-level diplomat to the conference as an observer to indicate its displeasure with the proceedings.

In the face of Obama’s actions at the UNSC last week, Israel has a new set of ‘protectors’ from the built-in anti-Israel bias: UK’s PM May – US’s Trump – Australia’s PM Turnbull

Australia also distanced itself from the closing statement and did not sign it. Continue Reading »

Brits snubbed yesterday’s untimely Paris conference, sending low level diplomats


The Foreign Office spokesman said that Britain attended the conference only as an observer due to the lack of representatives from Israel or the PA and it taking place “just days before the transition to a new American president.”

By Gary Willig


Ambassadors and high-ranking diplomats from over 70 countries descended on Paris Sunday to participate in the peace conference supporting the two-state solution, except from nearby Britain, which only sent a delegation of junior diplomats, The Guardian reported.

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According to The Guardian, Britain’s ‘snub’ of the Paris conference signaled its desire to maintain close relations with the incoming Trump Administration. Continue Reading »

State Department taken aback by May’s reprimand to US over SOS Kerry’s speech


U.S. St Dept was “surprised” Friday after British Prime Minister lavished harsh criticism of Kerry’s televised anti-Israel speech, pointing out, “The settlements are far from the only problem” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
• Australian PM: Security Council vote “unsettling.”

By Eli Leon, News Agencies, and Israel Hayom Staff


The U.S. State Department was “surprised” Friday after the British prime minister leveled harsh criticism at Secretary of State John Kerry speech, detailing his vision for the Middle East and Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Britain scolded Kerry for describing the Israeli government as “the most right-wing in Israeli history, with an agenda driven by its most extreme elements.” Continue Reading »

UK lambastes Kerry for ‘focusing on settlements’ and ‘inappropriate’ attack on Israel’s gov’t


The British government takes an unprecedented step of criticizing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech for its hyperbolic focus on Israeli settlements and being otherwise, ‘inappropriate.’

By i24news


A spokesman for UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s government strongly criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday, for being overly critical of Israeli settlements during his remarks yesterday on the Middle East peace process.

John Kerry - YouTube screenshot

John Kerry’s more than hour long tirade on settlements was based on falsehoods, distortions, omissions and false moral equivalencies, rendering it entirely one-sided, hence, unrealistic and an obstacle to peace. – YouTube screenshot

“We do not believe that the way to negotiate peace is by focusing on only one issue, in this case the construction of settlements, when clearly the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is so deeply complex,” said the spokesman. Continue Reading »