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Int’l animal rights org to take Gaza’s remaining animals closing ‘world’s worst zoo’

view videoThe closure of the Gaza zoo means a new life for the tiger and the other 16 starving animals residing at the Khan Younis Zoo, which up to now have wasted their lives away without proper medical attention in small, desolate cages.



The sole surviving tiger in a southern Gazan cage will soon make a cross-continental journey from the Middle East to South Africa, as Four Paws, an international animal rights organization, rushes to close the “worst zoo in the world.”

Laziz the tiger at the Khan Yunis Zoo. – Photo: FOUR PAWS

Along with the 16 other animals still residing at the Khan Yunis Zoo, “Laziz the tiger,” is set to leave his desolate home in the coming days, the Vienna-based Four Paws group announced on Thursday. Continue Reading »

Israel assists the transfer of starving lions from destroyed Gaza zoo to Jordan

Gaza‘s Bisan City Zoo, also home to Hamas rocket launchers, did not escape the destruction from the IDF’s attacks during ‘Operation Protective Edge’.

Among the few animals that managed to survive are 2 lions & a lioness, that are currently in a state of starvation & trauma.

By Roi Kais


Two lions and a pregnant lioness were transferred Tuesday from the Bisan City Zoo in the northern Gaza Strip to a zoo in Jordan via Israel.

A lion and lioness at the Bisan City Zoo

A lion and lioness at the Bisan City Zoo

The lions are being transferred following the dreadful state the Bisan City Zoo was left in as a result of the recent war in Gaza. Continue Reading »

2 day-old lion cubs die in Gaza zoo


Although acknowledging “a lack of experience & resources for the birth & treatment of cubs”, zoo workers blame Israel for death of cubs born to smuggled in felines, AFP reports.




Two lion cubs born in a zoo in the Gaza Strip died Thursday two days after their birth.

2 day-old lion cubs Fajr and Sijil are seen at a zoo in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia, on November 19, 2013 – Photo AFP, Mohammed Abed

“The lions named Fajr and Sijil died today due to a deterioration of their health at birth,” Shadi Hamad, supervisor of animals at the Hamas-run Bissan park told AFP.

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