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Int’l animal rights org to take Gaza’s remaining animals closing ‘world’s worst zoo’

view videoThe closure of the Gaza zoo means a new life for the tiger and the other 16 starving animals residing at the Khan Younis Zoo, which up to now have wasted their lives away without proper medical attention in small, desolate cages.



The sole surviving tiger in a southern Gazan cage will soon make a cross-continental journey from the Middle East to South Africa, as Four Paws, an international animal rights organization, rushes to close the “worst zoo in the world.”

Laziz the tiger at the Khan Yunis Zoo. – Photo: FOUR PAWS

Along with the 16 other animals still residing at the Khan Yunis Zoo, “Laziz the tiger,” is set to leave his desolate home in the coming days, the Vienna-based Four Paws group announced on Thursday. Continue Reading »

Three Palestinians arrested for animal cruelty, torturing endangered hyena


Palestinians arrested for violently abusing a striped hyena, an endangered species, after ostentatiously posting a self-incriminating video to the internet.

Erez Erlichman


Three Palestinians have been arrested for allegedly abusing a striped hyena, the police said, after an IDF patrol caught two of them with wounded animal and connected a third to the incident through a video posted online.

The hyena (Photo: Israel Nature and Parks Authority)

The hyena – Photo: Israel Nature and Parks Authority

The Palestinians, from Beit Umar, were caught with the animal on Friday, the eve of Yom Kippur, near the settlement of Kfar Etzion, a few hours after the Nature and Parks Authority saw it in a video posted online. Continue Reading »