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Virulent Anti-Israel MPs Galloway and Ward Lose In UK Election

Two radically anti-Israel MPs with history of anti-Semitic tinged comments Galloway & Ward voted out of their spots in yesterday’s UK elections, proving ‘Jew-baiting doesn’t pay.’

By Ari Yashar


As David Cameron’s Conservative party seals its victory in Thursday’s UK general elections, two radically anti-Israeli MPs infamous for a long past of comments edging on anti-Semitism have lost their posts.

Anti-Semitic ?, George Galloway – Reuters

In Bradford West, MP George Galloway failed in his re-election bid, with Labor’s Naseem Shah thrashing him soundly in the polls. Shah won 19,977 votes, whereas Galloway’s Respect party fielded a mere 8,557, and George Grant of the Conservative party came third with 6,160. Continue Reading »

UK MP George Galloway threatened by Israeli Flag

‘Stop Being Afraid’ is Jonathan Hunter, the British student’s message, to pro-Israel activists after his Oxford confrontation with notorious anti-Israel MP.

By Ari Soffer


Softly-spoken and eloquent, Jonathan Hunter does not sound like a rabble-rouser. But mention his recent confrontation with notorious anti-Israel MP George Galloway, the passion in his voice is unmistakable.

Jonathan Hunter confronting anti-Israel MP George Galloway
Oxford Union Events

Two says ago, the 2nd-year History student at Britain’s prestigious Oxford University achieved internet fame, when a video of him confronting Galloway during an Oxford Union debate went viral on social media sites and news sites, including Arutz Sheva. Continue Reading »

WATCH / British MP: I do not debate Israelis

Pro-Palestinian activist & British MP George Galloway storms out from a debate at Oxford University after his opponent declared to be an Israeli.



British Member of Parliament George Galloway shocked the audience when he stormed out of a debate at Oxford University on Wednesday, declaring that he does not debate Israelis.

British MP George Galloway with Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh, March 11, 2009.

British MP George Galloway with Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh, March 11, 2009. Photo: REUTERS/Mohammed al-Ostaz/Handout

The debate, in which Galloway was arguing in favor of the statement, “Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank”, was held by the Oxford Union at Christ Church College.

Midway through a statement by his debate opponent Eylon Aslan-Levy, whose comments made his nationality clear, Galloway interrupted, asking “Are you Israeli?” Continue Reading »