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Decade later Mel Gibson tells Glenn Beck, ‘Jewish people stole my Christ movie’


After a Gibson representative got involved, GlennBeck.com removed Gibson’s anti-Semitic comments from the website, with an editor’s note stating: “This post has been removed because it inadvertently revealed details of an off the record conversation. We regret the error.”



Conservative firebrand and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck revealed on a broadcast last week that during a recent conversation with controversial Hollywood director and actor Mel Gibson, the thespian claimed “Jewish people” had stolen an early copy of The Passion of the Christ movie and used it to attack him before the film’s release.

According to Internet publication The Daily Beast on Thursday, Beck had spoken to Gibson for some 90-minutes following a late August screening of the the latter’s new film, Hacksaw Ridge, which has reportedly garnered rave reviews at the box-office in recent weeks. Continue Reading »