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Ohio doctor who promised to give Jews wrong meds surrenders license

Following Canary Mission’s exposure of then medical resident Lara Kollab’s multitude of antisemitic posts on Twitter, the State Medical Board of Ohio has permanently revoked Kollab’s medical certificate, making her ineligible to ever practice medicine in the state.

By i24NEWS


The State Medical Board of Ohio has permanently revoked the medical training certificate of a former Cleveland Clinic resident, after a myriad of old antisemitic tweets resurfaced, including one where she suggested she would deliberately give “Jews the wrong meds.”

Former medical resident Lara Kollab has agreed to surrender her medical certificate, and will not be able to practice osteopathic medicine in the state of Ohio, nor attend any other medical training program in the state following scores of anti-Semitic tweets. Continue Reading »

Following rash of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn, NYPD installs 100 CCTV cameras

Following the upsurge of anti-Semitic crimes in numerous Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the NYPD will instal 100 new security cameras in Brooklyn’s Jewish neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park.

By Anthony M. DeStefano


The NYPD will install 100 new security cameras in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park, Brooklyn, areas with large Jewish populations, in an effort to deter anti-Semitic crimes, officials announced Friday.

In a statement, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that police would begin surveying work immediately to identify the best locations for the installations and added that the first 30 cameras are expected to be in place by March. Continue Reading »

Tiffany Harris arrested again, day after set free after attacking 3 Jews in NY

Antisemite, Tiffany Harris, of Flatbush, immediately released without bail after assaulting 3 Jews in New York as part of NYC Mayor de Blasio’s newly enacted “bail reform” laws; arrested again the day after her release for punching a 35-year-old in the face in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

By Gary Willig


A woman who was released without bail after assaulting three Jews in New York was rearrested a day after her release after committing another assault.

Tiffany Harris, a 30-year-old woman charged with punching and cursing three Jewish women in Crown Heights, was arrested on charges of menacing, harassment, and attempted assault. Continue Reading »

EXPOSED: France made deal to not target terrorists who killed Jews

A French secret service agent revealed in testimony to a French court that in 1982 France made a deal not to pursue Arab terrorists who murdered six Jews in an antisemitic terrorist attack.

By Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA


France agreed not to target Arab terrorists who killed French Jews in Paris in 1982 if they refrain from carrying out further attacks on French soil, a former top spy revealed.

Yves Bonnet, who headed the now-defunct DST service in the 1980s, said this in January to a judge investigating the 1982 attack in which six people were murdered and 22 injured at a kosher restaurant on Rosiers Street in Paris, Le Parisien reported Thursday. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu: Synagogue attack ‘blow to Jewish nation’s heart’

Lori Kaye was murdered while protecting Chabad Poway Synagogue’s founding Rabbi. Three injured.
– Israel’s President Rivlin calls Synagogue attack on the last day of Passover, a ‘painful reminder that anti-Semitism is still with us.’

By Ynet, News Agencies


The prime minister condemned on Sunday the anti-Semitic attack in a California synagogue, which left a 60-year-old woman dead and three others wounded, calling it “a blow to the Jewish nation’s heart,” while Israeli president said the attack is a reminder hatred that of Jews is alive and well all around the world.

On Saturday, a 19-year-old gunman opened fire inside the synagogue near San Diego as worshippers celebrated the last day of Passover, a major Jewish holiday, killing the 60-year-old Lori Kaye. Continue Reading »

You’re FIRED!… Again! – Dr. Kollab fired for threatening to harm/kill Jews

Ohio Doctor who has already been expelled from a residency program there, over scores of anti-Semitic posts on Twitter, just got fired from a second residency program, now in California.

Marcy Oster, JTA,


Dr. Lara Kollab, who was fired from her residency at the Cleveland Clinic after old anti-Semitic tweets surfaced, was expelled from a second residency program in California.

Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, California said in a statement dated Monday that it notified Kollab on March 15 that her position as a first-year internal medicine resident was withdrawn effective immediately.

“Dr. Kollab submitted information that was false, misleading, and incomplete to Kern Medical during the interview and match process,” the statement said. Continue Reading »

Unadulterated antisemitism spews from MSNBC’S Joy Reid unbridled

MSNBC management remains uninterested as their national correspondent Joy Reid actually called for the ethnically cleansing in Israel of all its Jews.

By Daniel Greenfield


MSNBC continues to maintain its red wall of silence on Joy Reid. But the ugliness just keeps rising.

Joy Reid – Taken from: nowtheendbegins.com

The old blog posts by the progressive personality reek of every bigotry that the left claims to condemn. And, as Bre Payton at the Federalist notes, there’s even a call to ethnically cleanse Jews from Israel.

Iran’s pres strikes again Says “move Israel to Europe”

“You believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price?

Continue Reading »

Israeli Arab dresses as Jew to prove danger of being Jewish in Germany

WATCH: Adam Armoush, an Israeli Arab and another man, both wearing traditional kippot on their heads, became victims of an anti-Semitic beating to show the world how “terrible” it is to be Jewish in Berlin.
• Germany’s Foreign Minister said Germany has a responsibility “to protect Jewish lives.”

By Reuters, Eldad Beck & Israel Hayom Staff


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Thursday that the country’s “responsibility to protect Jewish lives will never end” at a celebration of Israel’s 70th Independence Day in Berlin.

The event took on special significance amid concerns that anti-Semitism could be on the rise in Germany. Continue Reading »

How ‘Kill The Jews’ becomes a basic tool in terrorism

Every Islamic terrorist possesses a hatred of ‘Jewish ideology’ and they openly glorify anti-Semitism. It doesn’t matter whether they are in religious places or in the streets, but, where ever they are, you will most certainly hear their famous chant of, “Kill the Jews.”

‘Kill the Jews’ is a basic tool of Terrorism

By Noor Dahri


In every act of terrorism, there you find certain people reasoning and justifying it, and one of the main reasons behind every act of terrorism in the world is, JEWS. This is the reason, you will hear about and read from the Muslim community, whether they are in the West or in the East.  Continue Reading »

Family sue French Police for overt inaction as Jewish woman was tortured, then murdered


French Police must explain why they stood outside a building for an hour, as 60 yr-old Sarah Halimi could be heard screaming for her life, before being thrown out of her apartment window.

By i24NEWS


A lawyer for the family of Sarah Halimi told i24NEWS on Monday that a complaint will be filed against the police for failing to enter the building and preventing the Jewish woman’s death in April.

Sarah Halimi was beaten and thrown to her death from the window of her Paris apartment by her 27-year-old neighbor Kobili Traore.

Protest march in memory of Sarah Halimi, in Paris on April 9, 2017 – Photo: Noemie Fitoussi

French police arrived on the scene but reportedly refused to enter the building until specialist backup had arrived, during which time a neighbor recorded Halimi’s screams as she was attacked by her neighbor. Continue Reading »

London Police take 2 hrs to respond to 16 yr-old daughter of cop, after vicious assault


London’s Metropolitan Police Service took two hours to respond to an emergency call from local postman who promptly called after seeing a teenage girl being beaten by 2 anti-Semitic thugs for being Jewish.

By Gary Willig


A 16-year-old Jewish girl who was wounded in a violent anti-Semitic assault in London was left bleeding for two hours after the Metropolitan Police Service failed to send any officers to the scene of the crime, the British Campaign Against Anti-Semitism reported.

Alexander Goldberg, a police Chaplain and the father of the victim, posted the details of the incident on Facebook on Sunday. Continue Reading »

Arrest made in U.S. Jewish Community Centers bomb-threats


Law enforcement officials reported Juan Thompson, a disgraced former journalist, was arrested after the FBI traced multiple bomb threats against Jewish community centers & the Anti-Defamation League to the St. Louis native.

Elad Benari, Canada


The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday arrested a man in St Louis, Missouri, who is suspected of making bomb threats to Jewish community centers and schools around the United States, AFP reports.

The Justice Department said Juan Thompson, 31, was thought to be behind at least eight of more than 105 threats made in recent weeks to Jewish schools, community centers and other institutions.

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Palestinian Leadership: Exploiting Jerusalem to Facilitate Terror


When President Trump announced plans to move the US embassy to the Eternal Capital of the Jewish People, he exposed the vicious Palestinian extremism that uses threats and terror to promote a false narrative of ‘stealing Jerusalem’.

Palestinians Turn Jerusalem Into a Tool of Terror – By Noah Beck


Palestinian and other Arab leaders threatened violence in response to President Trump’s pledge to move the U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. While Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also promised such a move as candidates, each backed off.


The terrorist who killed four Israelis in Jerusalem Jan. Continue Reading »

Oberlin College sacks professor after posting anti-Semitic remarks


Although Karega’s blatantly anti-Semitic social media posts included one accusing Israel and “Rothschild-led bankers” of owning “Your news. The media. Your oil. And your government,” and another suggesting that Israel was behind the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, and responsibility for downing a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine in 2014, Karega appeared to blame the college governors & administration of persecuting her because she is black.



An Oberlin College assistant professor whose anti-Semitic social media posts outraged many alumni and faculty earlier this year has been dismissed.

The Ohio college’s board of trustees announced Tuesday that it had voted to dismiss Joy Karega “for failing to meet the academic standards that Oberlin requires of its faculty and failing to demonstrate intellectual honesty.” Continue Reading »

Decade later Mel Gibson tells Glenn Beck, ‘Jewish people stole my Christ movie’


After a Gibson representative got involved, GlennBeck.com removed Gibson’s anti-Semitic comments from the website, with an editor’s note stating: “This post has been removed because it inadvertently revealed details of an off the record conversation. We regret the error.”



Conservative firebrand and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck revealed on a broadcast last week that during a recent conversation with controversial Hollywood director and actor Mel Gibson, the thespian claimed “Jewish people” had stolen an early copy of The Passion of the Christ movie and used it to attack him before the film’s release.

According to Internet publication The Daily Beast on Thursday, Beck had spoken to Gibson for some 90-minutes following a late August screening of the the latter’s new film, Hacksaw Ridge, which has reportedly garnered rave reviews at the box-office in recent weeks. Continue Reading »