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Hamas divvies out land to loyal employees in lieu of pack-pay

Facing continuous financial troubles and ignoring the disapproval of the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas terrorist group offers a solution to compensate loyal employees who are owed months in back pay.

By The Associated Press


Hamas has begun handing out plots of the land to 40,000 civil servants loyal to the Islamic militant group, to make up for millions of dollars in salaries it owes them for the past two years. The land giveaway is the latest sign that Hamas is struggling financially after almost a decade of uncontested power in the coastal strip.

Building materials in Gaza – Photo: AP

Gazans grumble about a lack of jobs, constant electricity shortages and a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt that has confined the territory’s 1.8 million people to the tiny strip.

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Hamas to pay officials’ salaries with evacuated Jewish settlement land


Fatah chief & PA President Mahmoud Abbas calls Hamas’ decision to divvy up old settlement land among their officials as ‘dangerous, illegal, & politically unfair.’

By i24news


The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip announced on Sunday that it will compensate its officials’ partially paid salaries by distributing land from former Israeli settlements evacuated during Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the strip in 2005.

Gush Katif, a former Israeli settlement evacuated in Israel’s 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip – Photo: GADI KABALO

Around 40,000 Hamas officials earn only partial salaries, equivalent to approximately $260 for 50 days of work.
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