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Sharon Stone Visits Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem

To reporters’ questions about peace Sharon Stone  answered, “Blame is a waste of time. It’s the coward’s way. We can have peace now. We’re going to make mistakes, there are always mistakes in life.”

By Hadassah Medical Center


Hollywood star Sharon Stone, a long-time activist to find a cure for AIDS, visited Hadassah Medical Organization in Ein Kerem today to meet with Professor Dan Engelhard, head of Hadassah’s pediatric AIDS unit which has developed an integrative method of treating children who are HIV positive in Israel and around the world.

Actress Sharon Stone with Prof. Dan Engelhard on a visit to Hadassah Medical Organization in Ein Kerem.

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Israelis & Christians join forces to aid Palestinian children

Australian Christian humanitarian aid group joins forces with a Jerusalem hospital to provide life-saving medical care for Palestinian Arab children.

By Israel Today Staff



Israel, and in particular Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, is joining forces with Christians in Australia to provide life-giving medical care to Palestinian Arab children.

Child in hospital - Illustrative - Times of Israel

Child in hospital – Illustrative – Times of Israel


Project Rozana is a collaboration between Hadassah Australia, Anglican Overseas Aid and Hadassah Hospital, which has two locations in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Boston Hospital Chief Credits Israel With Setting Up Disaster Team

The terrorist attack at last week’s Boston Marathon was unprecedented for the city’s doctors – but they were prepared, thanks to Israel.



Minutes after a terrorist attack killed three at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, doctors and nurses at the city’s hospitals faced a harrowing scene – severed limbs, burned bodies, shrapnel buried in skin.

Alastair Conn, Chief of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital. -  Photo Screenshot.

Alastair Conn, Chief of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital. – Photo Screenshot.

For Boston doctors, the challenge presented by last week’s bombing was unprecedented – but they were prepared.

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Israeli doctors will now also harvest organs after donors’ hearts stop


Israel’s new pilot program will allow doctors to harvest kidneys up to 2 hours after the heart stops, diminishing waiting lists.

Meital Yasour Beit-Or

Inspiring hope among patients waiting for life-saving organ transplants, Israel’s medical community is expected to launch a pilot program in which organs will be harvested from donors whose hearts have stopped beating.

Surprisingly, Israel's religious sector is responding positively to the idea of harvesting organs after the heart stops. - Photo by GettyImages

Surprisingly, Israel’s religious sector is responding positively to the idea of harvesting organs after the heart stops. – Photo by GettyImages

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Neurologists discover Parkinson’s breakthrough

Neurologists explain how a device that induces deep brain stimulation at an early stage of the disease will be better for motor outcome & quality of life later on.

The implantation of deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices at an early stage of Parkinson’s disease – rather than at an advanced one – has been shown, in a breakthrough study published Thursday, to significantly reduce the tremors and other symptoms of the widespread neurodegenerative disease that begins mostly from age 60. The study, which appears in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, is likely to end the global practice up to now of implanting an electrical stimulating device only as a last resort, when medications are no longer effective.
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Hadassah wires $10 million to Israel to help cover hospital’s deficit

Spread out on 2 campuses, Ein Kerem and Mt. Scopus, Hadassah Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in Israel & the only one specializing in head trauma.

By Gil Shefler


NEW YORK (JTA) — Hadassah transferred $10 million to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem to help cover its subsidiary’s $50 million deficit.

The Hadassah University Hospital-Jerusalem

The New York Jewish Week reported Monday that the Zionist women’s group took the unusual measure after learning of the deficit run up by the hospital, which was founded nearly 80 years ago.

Meanwhile, the medical center’s director general, Ehud Kokia, has submitted his resignation. The medical center’s board chair, Esti Dominissin, will fill the position until a replacement is found. Continue Reading »

Hadassah geneticists make breakthrough with ‘The Curse’

The first 4 children treated with the experimental drug were saved from paralysis & a few have already been able to stand & walk again.


An effective experimental drug has been found in Jerusalem for a rare genetic disease of paralysis affecting Jews originating in North Africa, who previously refused to vaccinate their babies against childhood diseases because they thought that caused them to suffer from neurological damage.

Medicine [illustrative] – Photo: Thinkstock/Imagebank

The first four children with the disease, which has caused not only paralysis of the muscles but also of the vocal cords (making them lose their ability to speak) have been treated with the experimental drug by doctors at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem, with very good results.

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Surgeons in Israel Perform Pioneering Treatment for Liver Cancer

Hadassah surgeon Dr. Mohamed Faroja reports on the use of electrical current to remove malignant tumors after operation on a liver cancer patient: “The method does not generate excessive heat or cold in the body, and can therefore be applied close to blood vessels and vital organs without harming them.”

By Meital Yasur Beit-Or


A new method for operating on liver cancer patients was put to the test for the first time in Israel recently at Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. The method applies a direct flow of high-voltage electrical currents to the malignant tumor and has raised new hope for patients diagnosed with the disease.

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Israeli Vaccine: Stop Cancer from Coming Back

Dr. Carmon, “A key advantage of Vaxil’s vaccines is that they can induce a comprehensive & divest immune response without need for an adaptation to the individual’s type of immune systems.”

An Exclusive Report by United with Israel

(Nes Ziona, ISRAEL) An Israeli company is developing a new cancer drug which aims to stop cancer from coming back.

Every year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Although modern medicine has made huge progress in treating this disease, what often happens is that the cancer is treated and the patient goes into remission or is even “cured” – but then it becomes a waiting game to see if the cancer comes back. Continue Reading »

Second Patient with Bone Marrow Failure Saved After Treatment With Pluristem’s PLX Stem Cell Therapy

Patient Recently Release From Hadassah Medical Center Hospital Becomes 2nd Person Whose Life Was Saved by PLX Cells Therapy, Joining 7 yr old Girl Who Suffered From Severe Aplastic Bone Marrow



Israel, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:PSTI) (TASE:PLTR), a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapies, announced today that the life of a patient suffering from bone marrow failure in which there was a dangerous reduction in the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets (pancytopenia) has been saved using Placental eXpanded (PLX) cells. This is the second time in the past three months that a patient suffering from bone marrow failure was successfully treated in a compassionate use treatment with PLX cells with a return of bone marrow function. Continue Reading »