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Israeli cure for insulin-dependent diabetics available within 5 years

Jerusalem-based Betalin Therapeutics, that includes two Nobel laureates in chemistry, announce they may have found ‘the cure’ with their CEO, Dr. Nikolai Kunicher saying, “The patient should never have to inject insulin into his body again.”



A team of Jerusalem-based researchers and entrepreneurs claim they have a cure for diabetes that could hit the market as early as within the next few years.

Betalin Therapeutics has developed the first bio-artificial pancreas, composed of pig’s lung tissue and insulin secreting cells. The artificial pancreas would be implanted into the patient and connect with his or her blood vessels and then be able to measure the body’s sugar level and secrete an optimal amount of insulin needed to balance blood sugar. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Israel Ranks 6th in Bloomberg’s World Health Care Efficiency Index

Israel, ranked in 6th spot globally, was the most efficient of the Middle East countries, along with Israelis having one of the world’s highest life expectancy at 82.
– Examine Bloomberg’s list of all 56 countries indexed.



When it comes to providing patients with efficient treatment, Israel ranks among the world’s best, in sixth place.

Israel was also ranked highest in health care efficiency in the Middle East, second in the region was the United Arab Emirates, which ranked 10th overall, according to Bloomberg’s annual health care-efficiency index released this month.


Topping the index was Hong Kong in first place and Singapore in second. Continue Reading »

Despite tensions of violence, WHO reports Israelis have 6th highest life expectancies in the world

Notwithstanding the current knife attacks ravishing the Jewish State & the effect of anxiety from Palestinian violence directed at all Israelis in general, the World Health Organization reports Israel’s average life expectancy is 82 1/2 years, the 6th highest in world.

By Erez Linn & News Agencies


A World Health Organization report on global life expectancy has found that Israelis have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. According to the report, released Thursday, Israel ranks sixth in the world, with an average life expectancy of 82.5 years.

Guinness World Record holder, Holocaust survivor Mr. Israel Kristal of Haifa, Israel, is the current world’s Oldest living man.

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Palestinian women turn to the Jewish State for abortions

Since Palestinian laws prohibit abortions if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother’s mental health, or even a result of rape or incest, most Palestinian women have no other choice but to turn to Israel, where laws are far more lenient.

By Reuters


“Fatma”, a mother of twins with a demanding workload, was distraught to discover she was pregnant again. Her doctor agreed to perform an abortion, she says, only after she promised to pretend the procedure had been a medical emergency.

Palestinian women stand on a beach in Gaza City during sunset on summer’s day – Photo: Reuters/Archive

“He felt sorry for me and told me, ‘If someone asks you how you ended up having an abortion, I will be in trouble and will lose my job, so say you were hemorrhaging at the time,'” said Fatma, who lives in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Int’l Report: Israel’s housing & poverty in bad shape, but Israelis are educated & happy


According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Israel ranks poorly for income, housing market & poverty, yet Israelis express high satisfaction with life, as the Jewish State places high for education levels & good health.

By Liron Sahar


Israelis suffer from low wages, a difficult housing market and poverty, according to a report released Sunday by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the nation’s “well-being”.

Israeli looks in a dumpster – Photo: Motti Kimchi

Israel is highly-ranked in several areas, particularly level of satisfaction with life in the country, health and acquiring education. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Heart Disease Mortality Rate In Great Shape Despite Pressures From Terrorism/War

Israel’s average mortality rate from heart diseases stands at less than 200 deaths per/100,000, which places Israel in a respectable 4th place according to the OECD report.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


A report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has ranked Israel’s mortality rate for cardiovascular disease the fourth-lowest among OECD nations. Japan was ranked first, with the lowest rate of mortality from heart disease.

Heart disease mortality rate among lowest (Illustration) – Photo: GettyImages

The average mortality rate from heart disease in Israel stands at fewer than 200 deaths per 100,000 population; 161 among women and 220 among men. Continue Reading »

Trans fats foods prohibited from University of Haifa campus


In efforts to contribute to the health of its students, faculty & staff, trans fats, a type of unsaturated fats that have been found to raise the risk of coronary heart disease, has been banished from the University campus.



Taking a leaf from the pro-health book of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the University of Haifa has become the first to bar the sale of non-healthy trans fat food on campus.

Food [illustrative]

Healthy Food [illustrative]. – Photo:REUTERS

The university, which has a school of public health and is proud of its environmentally friendly “green campus,” also continues its efforts to contribute to the health of its students, faculty and other staff. Continue Reading »

Int’l Expert: Israel’s Children Living Near Gaza Suffer PTSD

Advisor to Human Rights Commission worries that Israeli children that are always under attack by Hamas, have come to accept war as a normal part of life.

By Israel Today Staff


A leading international expert on the psychological struggles facing children living in conflict and war zones recently visited southern Israel and concluded that Israeli children residing within range of the Gaza Strip face an unhealthy upbringing.

International Expert: Children in Southern Israel Suffer PTSD – Israel Today

Voices in the international community like to complain about the siege Israel has allegedly imposed upon Gaza. But Eliasz Gocal-Czerwinski, advisor to the secretary-general of the International Human Rights Commission on child affairs, described the living conditions for children in southern Israel as very much a kind of emotional siege.

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Israel’s Health Ministry directs hospitals to hold Ebola drills

The Health Ministry has instructed all hospitals in Israel to hold training drills to make sure they are able to deal with patients who have the deadly virus.


In the wake of a meeting convened Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the Ebola outbreak in Africa — the second such meeting within a week — the Health Ministry has instructed Israeli hospitals in Israel to hold training drills to make sure they are ready to deal with patients who have or may have the deadly virus. Ministry officials will hold their own hospital drills and also carry out inspections to gauge the readiness of the country’s hospitals, starting toward the end of the month.

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Israeli NGO joining int’l efforts to combat Ebola outbreak

Israel’s humanitarian assistance group IsraAID, announced it is sending a team of trained medical personal to join int’l community’s fight against deadly virus in Western Africa.


Israel is increasing its assistance effort to help combat Ebola in Africa, Israel media reported Sunday.

Ebola in Liberia

Health workers wearing protective gear go to remove the body of a person who is believed to have died after contracting the Ebola virus in the city of Monrovia, Liberia. August 16, 2014. – Photo: AP

IsraAID, the Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid, announced on its Facebook page Friday that it is sending a team to join the international community in fighting the spread of Ebola in Western Africa.

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Possible deadly pandemic from Saudi Arabia threatens the planet

With no vaccine or anti-viral treatment for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS),  Saudi health authorities say the disease, which originated in camels, may simply die out.


A deadly virus that is spreading at record speed through Saudi Arabia could go global later this year when the 2014 haj (Muslim pilgrimage) begins, according to an article published by BuzzFeed.

Health workers

Health workers wear face masks at the General Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this week. – Photo: AFP

The total number of confirmed infections of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has jumped by a third in the kingdom in the past week. Continue Reading »

Kinneret allergy afflicting water-sport enthusiasts at Sea of Galilee

Spray getting into vacationers’ eyes & lungs at Lake Kinneret is making them ill, then disappears after 2-3 days.



Vacationers and water-sport enthusiasts at Lake Kinneret have been complaining of rashes, sneezing, tearing eyes and breathing difficulties. The phenomenon even has its own name: Kinneret allergy.

People at Lake Kinneret on the first day of Sukkot.

People at Lake Kinneret last September, on the first day of Sukkot. . Watch out for the spray.- Photo: GIl Eliyahu

Most complaints have come from windsurfers and kitesurfers who get water sprayed in their eyes and lungs. The increase in cases in recent years has made scientists wonder if changes in the lake over the past two decades are responsible.

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Genetic mutation causing disease in Moroccan Jews identified by Israeli researchers


Ben-Gurion University researchers found that 1 in 37 Moroccan Jews carries 1 of the 2 mutations of the gene PCCA 2, that causes severe mental retardation & epilepsy in infants.


Researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva have identified the genetic mutation behind a hereditary disease that causes epilepsy and severe developmental delays among Moroccan Jews.

It all comes down to a simple blood test (illustrative).

In light of the high carrier rate for the disorder, screening for the disease will likely be added to the routine genetic testing offered to couples of Moroccan Jewish heritage. – Photo: Dreamstime

The disease, which the researchers are calling Progressive cerebello-cerebral Atrophy, type 2, is caused by mutations in the VPS53 gene.

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Israeli hospital receives 1st of 7 Ukrainian wounded in demonstrations


Israeli surgeons at Kaplan Hospital ready to reconstruct Alexander S.’s shrapnel-ridden hand.



A Ukrainian wounded on the streets of Kiev in clashes between protesters and police arrived for treatment in Israel on Wednesday and six more expected were to arrive Thursday, according to a report by Walla news website.

Ukrainian Alexander S. hospitalized in Israel

Ukrainian Alexander S. hospitalized in Israel. – Photo Courtesy: Kaplan Hospital

Surgeons at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot will attempt in the next couple of days to reconstruct the crushed and shrapnel-ridden hand of 20-year-old Alexander S., the first Ukrainian to arrive in Israel after riots and demonstrations that brought down the country’s president.

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Unique Israeli study examines after-effects of medical marijuana

Israeli Health Ministry expert says no similar in-depth research has been performed anywhere.



Medical cannabis has been getting a lot of good press in recent years. Reports and patients’ testimonies of how they benefited from ingesting the plant or its extract have spread rapidly and the Health Ministry’s medical cannabis unit issues some 50 new permits for using it weekly.

Medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis. – Photo: Emil Salman

But while the demand for cannabis is soaring, many questions remain open regarding its effects. An Israeli study now aims for the first time to find out whether patients experience any after-effects, how many of them stop using it and why.

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