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Bearded Salafist to Tunisian Students: ‘You’re dancing while Israelis kill?’

Tunisian Salafis try to convince students from filming themselves doing popular western dance, while in Egypt, some 400 youngsters dance outside Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters, chanting ‘Leave! Leave!’

Roi Kais, agencies


Egyptian protesters gathered at the headquarters of the country’s most powerful Islamic group and did the Harlem Shake while chanting “Leave! Leave!” to Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Egyptians do the 'Harlem Shake'About 400 young men, some in funny costumes and others bare-chested, rallied in Cairo in front of the main office of Morsi‘s group, The Muslim Brotherhood.

The dance brought a rare moment of light-hearted expression of dissidence amid Egypt’s political turmoil that has left dozens dead and hundreds injured in recent months. Continue Reading »

IDF Officer Busted for Permitting ‘Harlem Shake’ Video Upload

Company commander received a 21 days jail sentence, and the cameraman gets 14 days for lewd video that “runs against IDF values.”

By Gil Ronen


The commander of the Keren battalion in the Artillery Corps court-martialed an officer and an enlisted man under his command for recording and uploading a short video of soldiers performing the “Harlem Shake.”

idf Harlem shakeChannel 2 reported that the company commander who authorized the uploading of the video to the internet received a 21-day jail sentence and was dismissed from his command position.

The soldier who recorded the video was sentenced to 14 days in jail. Continue Reading »

Purim’s atmosphere of merriment & glee spreads across Israel

View ‘Harlem Shake’ from Tel Aviv,  Purim Style

Women of the Wall to hold Megila reading at the Kotel (Western Wall)


Purim’s carnival atmosphere spread out across the country on Sunday, with revelers of all types and ages soaking up the holiday cheer, many bedecked in bright, loud and extravagant costumes.

Tel Aviv on Purim, 2013.

Tel Aviv on Purim, 2013. – Photo: REUTERS

As in every year, traditional ‘Adloyada’ Purim parades were held the length and breadth of Israel in cities and towns throughout the country, wending their way through town centers and major urban thoroughfares.

Holon’s Ad’deloyada, one of the most renowned, included more than 4,500 participants making merry, including dancers, artists, musicians and other performers from around the country who all marched through the streets of the city.

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